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President in a meeting with his Italian counterpart:

Tehran, Rome determined to develop ties in post-JCPOA era/Iran ready to receive capital, tech, export cooperation

President Rouhani met with his Italian counterpart and described the two nations’ ties historical, amicable, and having an excellent record of civilisation and said: “Today, the two sides are determined to make the best use of opportunities after the nuclear agreement and expand cooperation more than before to the benefit of both nations and peace and stability in the region and the world”.

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“The two countries could not make the best use of mutual opportunities and capacities due to the unjust and erroneous sanctions; it is about time to compensate for that and we should develop ties through interaction and in line with mutual interests” said President Rouhani in a meeting with President Mattarella on Monday in Rome.

In this trip which happened on official invitation by the Italian officials, Dr Rouhani referred to the current conditions of Iran to absorb and receive new capital and technology, as well as export cooperation and said: “Iran and Italy can have joint and extensive cooperation in various sectors of energy, industry, mining, agriculture, scientific and cultural interaction, and also new technology”.

On the roots of instability in the region, he added: “For the Islamic Republic of Iran, cementing ties with Europe, especially Italy, is of high significance and in the new atmosphere the level of these ties should rise more”.

Rouhani also referred to Iran’s capacities in energy, human capital, and its exceptional geographical position and said: “Iran is the not just an 80-million country, but rather, it is situated at the linking point of central Asia, Caucasus, and Indian Ocean and this strategic situation should be used appropriately”.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has believed since its beginning that the solution to all global issues, including the nuclear issue, is through negotiation and diplomacy and the nuclear deal proved that diplomacy is the best way to solve issues and [achieve] sustainable peace.” he said referring to JCPOA as a model for solving regional and international issues.

Mentioning regional developments and instability and insecurity in the Middle East and northern Africa, he continued: “Tehran and Rome can have fruitful consultation and cooperation in a lot of regional issues, including combatting terrorism, extremism, and violence, as before”.

He also descried terrorism as the biggest scourge in the region and a threat to Europe and the whole world and said: “Without comprehensive and serious cooperation, terrorism cannot be uprooted, and without a doubt, if ME becomes unstable, its destructive consequences will also reach Europe”.

Current issues in some countries of the region have got political solution, not a military one, said Rouhani adding: “Iran and Italy can have effective and constructive cooperation with each other which guarantees the interests of both nations, the region, and the world as two important actors in the ME and the EU”.

President added: “To eradicate terrorism in insecurity, it is important that the ideas of violence and extremism be eradicated from minds and the bases of youth population’s attraction to these kinds of ideas be found and blocked; also, the culture of violence should be confronted with”.

He continued: “Unfortunately, there are some countries that are seeking to use terrorism as a tool for achieving their short-term political interests in the region. Therefore, we should try to cut political, financial, and weaponry support of terrorists by some countries off”.

In this meeting, President Sergio Mattarella expressed satisfaction over Dr Rouhani’s first foreign trip to Italy after the implementation of JCPOA and described it as another sign of deep friendship between the two nations and governments and said: “Italy is determined to cement ties and friendship with the Islamic Republic of Iran and establish sustainable cooperation with Tehran”.

“Various industrial and trade companies are willing to cooperate with Iran and we are seeking to compensate for the opportunities that the sanctions took them away from Italy [and we are willing to do so] by investment and active presence.” the Italian President added.

Mattarella also referred to the nuclear agreement and the termination of sanctions against Iran and said: “Without a doubt, the new circumstances enables Iran to play its main and stability-creating role in the region more and better than before”.

He continued: “Italy, like Iran, believes that diplomacy is the best way to achieve sustainable peace”.

Referring to crises in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and the northern Africa he added: “Italy considers Iran’s role in settling the crises in the region as effective”.

President Mattarella also said that terrorism is a serious and the biggest threat to the global community and “in order to fight terrorism, everybody should form constructive and integrated cooperation”.

“Italy welcomes Iran’s constructive role in solving issues of the countries of the region through diplomatic ways and supports it. We believe that to reach fruitful solutions, we need Iran’s effective role.” he continued.

At the end of the meeting, Dr Rouhani invited Mr Mattarella to pay a visit to Iran which was welcomed by the Italian President.

news id: 91503

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