Bill of POS usage, maintenance, monitoring approved/Agreement of Encouragement and Protection of Investment between Iran, Russia ratified

President Rouhani chaired a cabinet meeting in which bill of usage, maintenance, and monitoring of POS terminals was approved, as well as the Agreement of Encouragement and Protection of Investment between Iran and Russia.

Mon 25 - January 2016 - 09:03

In this regular cabinet meeting which was held late on Sunday, all business owners subject to Direct Taxation Act and multiple stores will be required to submit their application for receiving identifications for their stores in order to be able to receive the needed licenses for using POS (Point of Sale) terminals.

In order to encourage a competitive market and increase production efficiency the Council of Ministers required the Energy Ministry to provide facilities for certain subscribers of electricity.

It is scheduled that by the end of the current Iranian year, at least 2/3 of needed energy of subscribers be supplied through Energy Exchange or bilateral contracts.

Another issue which was discussed and approved, was regarding parking metres and amendments of their system.

The Agreement of Encouragement and Protection of Investment between Iran and Russia comprising an introduction, 12 articles and a protocol was also reviewed and approved by the Council of Ministers.

Reforming the articles of association and increasing investment in the country's airports was another issue that the cabinet approved on Sunday.

Furthermore, the bill of decrees and appointments for the 25th Universal Postal Congress was approved by the cabinet.

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