Conditions favourable for increasing Tehran-Bangkok interaction/Strengthening cooperation between ASEAN, ECO leads to regional development

President Rouhani met with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Thailand and expressed Iran’s willingness to develop ties with East Asian countries, especially Thailand in areas such as economy, politics, and culture.

Sun 24 - January 2016 - 14:22

In this meeting with Thailand Minister of Foreign Affairs Don Pramudwina which was held on Sunday in Tehran, Dr Rouhani said: “Historical Iran-Thailand relations has always been based on friendship and intimacy of both nations and investors and traders of both countries have maintained their ties and cooperation despite some difficulties during sanctions”.

He also mentioned that the new conditions are set for more cooperation between the two countries.

Referring to growing visits paid by Thai trade and economic delegations to Iran in recent months as indication of willingness from both sides to develop ties, Rouhani added: “Of course, cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Thailand will not stay limited to economy and trade and we are willing to have cooperation I cultural, academic, and tourism fields”.

Dr Rouhani also stressed the need to strengthen cooperation between ASEAN and ECO members towards economic development and said: “Developing countries should supply each other’s economic, trade, scientific, financial, and technologic needs and use each other’s experiences in cultural, economic, and environmental fields”.

“Among issues that everybody should come and cooperate to confront with, are issues such as extremism, violence, and terrorism; issues that the region is struggling with and of course is being expanded into other parts of the world” said Rouhani.

He added: “It is regretful that some countries are using terrorist groups and providing them with financial aids and weaponry to advance their goals. We should all help to provide better conditions for the human society”.

In this meeting, Mr Pramudwina congratulated Iran’s success in the nuclear negotiations and implementation of JCPOA and praised Dr Rouhani for managing the negotiations and said: “I believe that considering that the Islamic Republic of Iran used sanctions conditions and paid special attention to training capable and expert human resource, Iran will turn into a big economic power in the near future”.

Foreign Minister of Thailand also announced that in the near future, a delegation including the Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, accompanied by 6 ministers will visit Tehran and said: “These visits indicate Thailand’s firm determination to develop ties with Iran in different fields such as trade, industry, investment and finance, and fisheries and agriculture more than before”.

He continued: “We believe that both nations’ relations with each other is a firm and valuable base for developed ties between the two counties and states in various areas”.

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