A new chapter in Tehran-Beijing ties started/ 25-year comprehensive, executive document composed soon

Presidents of Islamic Republic of Iran and People’s Republic of China underlined the new chapter in sustainable and strategic Tehran-Beijing relations and deemed composition of the 25-year comprehensive executive document of both countries necessary.

Sat 23 - January 2016 - 14:40

Dr Hassan Rouhani and Mr Xi Jinping attended the meeting of high-ranking delegations of Iran and China and stressed the need to cooperate and coordinate closely to combat terrorism and solve issues of other countries and regional disputes through political ways and discussion.

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran described the two countries’ relations historical, amicable, and strategic and said: “China has always stood by the Iranian nation during their hard time and this amicable behaviour is an asset that we should use to develop bilateral relations more than before”.

Dr Rouhani also emphasized Tehran’s readiness to make the comprehensive document of long-term and strategic cooperation and said: “In order to develop ties between the two countries, both sides have got complete political resolve and it is necessary that this resolve strengthen in other areas, especially economy”.

Dr Rouhani also referred to the 25-year Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement and said: “The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to cooperate in composition of the document in order for it to become finalised and signed as soon as possible”.

“Geographically, Iran has got the capacity to become a hub for China’s economic activities in the Middle East and Central Asia and Caucasus” said Dr Rouhani adding that Iran can cooperate with China in different sectors such as industry, mining, transport, railways, ports, modern technology, culture, academia, tourism, environmental issues, and energy.

Rouhani also referred to the post-JCPOA conditions and the lift of sanctions and said: “We speculate that the amount of economic transactions between Tehran and Beijing rise to $600bn in 10 years”.

Describing terrorism as a grave danger to the nations of the region and the whole world, he added: “Tehran and Beijing can boost effective cooperation for establishing security and stability of the region and we believe that there is no military solution to the issues of the region, including those of Syrian, Iraq, and Yemen and they should be settled politically”.

“Countries’ national borders should be respected and any country’s future should be left for the people of that country to decide for.” he added, saying that Iran and china can cooperate in combat against terrorism and extremism.

Dr Rouhani also talked about China’s constructive role in Iran’s negotiations with 5+1 and said: “The Islamic Republic of Iran is still determined to continue the path of JCPOA and we are willing to foster ties and cooperation with China. We are also eager to develop peaceful nuclear cooperation by renovation of Arak reactor, as well as other sectors”.

In this meeting, President Xi Jinping congratulated Iran’s great nuclear victory to the people and government and said: “Tehran-Beijing ties are in a very important and strategic conditions, and today, China’s full and growing resolve to develop ties and cooperation in different sectors”.

On the importance of outlining a vision for the future of relations between both countries and said: “China is determined to develop ties between the two countries based on mutual trust and common interests, and to do this, we are trying to compose the 25-year Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement with Iran”.

Stating that a new opportunity has been found today to develop Tehran-Beijing ties, Mr Xi continued: “China is seeking mutual interest and win-win situation in its relations with Iran and we are ready to use the new opportunity to outline a long-term vision in bilateral regional and international ties”.

He also stressed China’s support of Iran’s right to peaceful nuclear energy and said: “Beijing is ready to boost ties in peaceful nuclear energy with the Islamic Republic of Iran”.

He also said that China supports Iran’s permanent membership in Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO).

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