President: Iran-China ties strategic/ A new chapter in Tehran-Beijing ties started/ Chinese President: We decided to establish ties based on “Comprehensive Strategic Partnership”

Describing Iran-China relations as strategic, President Rouhani said: “There have been extensive agreements in “Political”, “Executive Cooperation”, “Human and Cultural”, “Judiciary, Security and Defence”, and “Regional and International” domains”.

Sat 23 - January 2016 - 13:02

President Hassan Rouhani and President Xi Jinping held a press conference on Saturday in which Dr Rouhani said: “The two countries have discussed the 25-year comprehensive partnership between Tehran and Beijing”.

He added: “With Chinese President’s trip to Iran and the achieved agreements, a new chapter has been started in Tehran-Beijing ties”.

Dr Rouhani said: “During today’s discussions which happened in post-JCPOA and post-sanctions era, all bilateral, regional, and international issues were discussed”.

He added: “Establishing stability and security in ME and consultations to help countries that are dealing with terrorism and also intelligence help which we should have in combatting terrorism, are amongst the issues discussed by high-ranking delegations and also presidents of Iran and China”.

We also discussed unilateralism and the issues and threats that the world and the region are facing and the need to consider them in mid-term, as well as Iran and China’s long-term goals in the region, he added.

Rouhani also described Chinese President’s visit to Iran as a historic event and said: “From today on, certainly, a new chapter in Iran and China relations will start”.

In this meeting, President Xi referred to strengthened ties between the two nations and states more than before, and said: “We had honest and fruitful negotiations in all fields and we also achieved extensive agreements”.

He continued: “By achieving an extensive agreement in all areas of bilateral relations and regional and international issues, we decided to establish ties based on “Comprehensive Strategic Partnership”.

“We outlined a future vision for joint partnership and it was scheduled that ties between both countries develop and friendship between the two nations strengthen more than before” continued President Xi.

 He added: “Today China is Iran’s biggest trade partner and imports this country’s crude oil; Iran, in return, is China’s biggest strategic partner in the region”.

“Developing Iran-China ties is beneficial not only to both countries, but also to global peace and security” said Xi.

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