President: JCPOA paves the way to deepen Iran-Ecuador ties

President Hassan Rouhani in a telephone conversation Friday night with President of Ecuador Rafael Correa said: "Removal of the unjust sanctions against Iran through a successful implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) paves the way for expansion and deepening of the ties between the two countries”.

Sat 23 - January 2016 - 08:54

Appreciating  Ecuadorian counterpart for his extension of felicitation to Iranian state and nation over the victorious and officially implementation of the JCPOA, he added that Iran welcomes broadening and deepening political, economic, trade, scientific and technological ties with Ecuador as an effective and influential country in Latin American region.

Saying "Iranian government and nation give especial importance to expansion of friendly ties and cooperation with Latin American nations", Rouhani appreciated Ecuadorian state and nation for their support to Iranian nation's legitimate right to apply the peaceful nuclear energy and the country's opposition to the imposition of any unjust sanctions against Iran and said: "Iranians and Ecuadorians as two friendly states and nations will always be with each other and support each other in all international organizations".

President Correa, for his part, felicitated President Rouhani and the Iranian nation on the occasion of official implementation of JCPOA and said: "The removal of the unjust sanctions against Iran is a new chapter for Iranian nation's subsequent victories in international arenas".

Stating all Latin American nations are happy with the very victory of Iranian government and nation, he added: "The new situation is a good opportunity to broaden and expand the two countries' mutual ties in all economic, technological and scientific fields"

Referring to Iran's rich civilization and the historical and cultural backgrounds, Ecuadorian President reiterated that his country has always opposed and fought world arrogant powers' double standards and tried to defend Iranian state and nation's right at all international arenas and organizations.

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