President describes implementation of JCPOA as a base for expansion of Tehran-Baku ties

President Hassan Rouhani in a telephone conversation on Thursday with President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Elham Aliev described implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) as a base for expansion of Tehran-Baku ties.

Thu 21 - January 2016 - 23:14

Saying “Lifting of sanctions will create a suitable space for the promotion and flourish of Tehran-Baku ties and cooperation”, he thanked his Azeri counterpart for congratulating on the implementation of JCPOA and added: “Iran has always been emphasizing on expanding and deepening ties with neighboring countries, especially with Azerbaijan”.

Stating that Iranian nation will always be with the people of Azerbaijan, Dr. Rouhani described the security and development of Azerbaijan as Iran’s own security and development and added: “The two states’ mutual ties should be an example for the regional nations”.

“As Iran has no limitation for development of economic, trade and cultural cooperation with the Azerbaijan Republic, so there are no limitation for expansion and strengthening of the mutual ties in different fields of energy, investment, transportation, trade and tourism”, he added.

President expressed hope that by double efforts of both governments, the railway link between the two states would be completed soon.

President Aliyev on his part felicitated the implementation of JCPOA and called the achievement as a big honor for Iranian government and nation.

Stating that surely all Iran's friends in the region and world are happy with the implementation of JCPOA, as it is true with Azeri nation, as well, he referred  to ample historical, civilization and cultural and also religious commonalties between Iran and Azerbaijan Republic.

Elham Aliyev expressed his country’s willingness to develop and deepen all-out ties with Iran and expressed hope that his future visit to Iran would prepare the grounds and lead to a promotion of bilateral and further mutual cooperation in the regional issues.



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