Election is a Divine Test/Majlis, as the house of the representatives of people should reflect the people’s will

President Hassan Rouhani here on Thursday in a gathering of governor generals, governors and officials in charge of the upcoming elections described the elections as a Divine Test for all and said: “The main task of the 11th government in its domestic policies is to well-manage a rule-governed election for the two Elite Council of Leadership and Majlis and do its utmost to put Supreme Leader’s guidelines into practice.

Thu 21 - January 2016 - 12:49

In remarks to the second day the gathering he said: “During these election, we have to show and prove impartiality, non-interference, the essence of constitution, security, competition, Supreme Leader’s guidelines and full implementation of his orders as to hold the elections with full participation of all .

Stressing that Majlis, as the nation’s shelter should be a reflection the nation, President added: “As Majlis is a house for people, not for a certain faction, the government also supports no specific faction, party or candidate, therefore as the world situation changed, we should let the best candidates enter Majlis.

“As Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution indicated and ordered to all to act according to the essence of the constitution not the essence of a specific political taste, so I urgently asked the Interior and Intelligence Ministers to diligently cooperate and consult with the electoral supervisory Guardian Council in this regard” Dr. Rouhani stated.

Referring to the auspicious implementation day of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), he said: “'We have, without exception, reached nearly all our major goals of the complex negotiations with G5+1 on Iran’s nuclear program”.

Saying “Iran gains nearly all its goals by JCPOA”, Dr. Rouhani congratulated the Iranian nation on their victory in this regard and went to the details of the complicated case of nuclear negotiations.

Raising a question whether Imam Ali (AS) was appointing his then new governors or governor generals based only their experiences on how to perform deep-in-night prayers, paying their zakat (alms), etc. or he was considering their competencies, qualifications, management and their understanding of the community, as nowadays they do? And added: “Had the only criterion of management for Imam Ali (AS) been the quality worship and faith, Qanbar (AS) would have been the best governor, but history proved that Imam Ali (AS) had not appointed him as governor.

“Besides these qualifications and features, Imam Ali AS) used to consider their efficiency, functionality and politically performances, and he also had to force them to be accountable and take the responsibility of their actions, in case of any mistakes done by them” President continued.

“Why are we misleading people and urging the candidates to enjoy only these two features and qualifications which are not that much important”, he once again asked and went on “As the new world situation is getting more complex and deteriorated, and made the management of issues difficult, we must modify and revise the criteria and let the best candidates to enter the Majlis”.

While getting applauded and supported by the audiences, President Rouhani once again indicated on the compliance to Supreme Leader and said: “Supreme Leader himself eyes on the constitution which gives right to small groups of Zoroastrian, Armenian, Assyrian and Jew citizens to have rightly their own representative in Majlis, but why should we interpret the constitution differently and ignore a faction in the country which even enjoys the support of more than 10 million people?” 

“Islamic Consultative Assembly is the house of people not a house only for a certain faction, so let it still be for people?” he said.

Adding that the only criteria should be the constitution and different factions and parties must sent the best of the people to Majlis, President urged on the supervision over the election and said: “We should never forget that the real owners of the country are the people and no ruling official is legitimate to rule without the direct or indirect voted of people”.

Asserting that the most important and grave task of the 11th government in its domestic policies will be demonstrated in the election of the 26th of February, Rouhani urgently asked all officials and people to get hands in hands to persuade all to come to the polling stations.

“The country is for all its residents and citizens, so we think only one faction has the right to vote and the rest do not have, then what is the use of holding such election?”, he added.  

“We need to create a competitive environment, not a disappointing one and persuade majority of the people to vote in the coming election, because Iran  belongs to everyone and all sectors, groups and factions of the country, therefore all should be able to have their representatives in the house of people”, President said.

President Rouhani once again referred to JCPOA and hoped the country would make the best use of the new atmosphere that has been created after the 30 months of intensive nuclear talks and removal of sanctions after 12 years.

“One of the biggest achievements of the nuclear agreement was the “removal” of all sanctions on Iran, without any more suspension or postponement of Iran’s nuclear activities”, he added.

Dr. Rouhani described Iranian nation's victory in the nuclear case as the biggest success achieved by Iran and all world developing countries in facing against the big powers and said: “As our first red line during the courses of the negotiations was to get all (anti-Iran) resolutions cancelled, and the second was the removal of all imposed sanctions, Tehran made the countries and international bodies that had imposed the sanctions, to lift them and they are indeed lifted in practice now”.



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