President: JCPOA a groundwork for extending Iran’s cooperation with EU, esp. Bulgaria/ Iran welcomes Bulgarian entrepreneurs, investors

President Rouhani had a telephone conversation with the President of Bulgaria in which he referred to the groundwork provided by JCPOA to expand ties and cooperation between Iran and the European Union, especially with Bulgaria in various fields such as economy, culture, and politics.

Wed 20 - January 2016 - 15:16

President Rouhani had a telephone conversation with his Bulgarian counterpart initiated by Rosen Plevneliev and said: “The Islamic Republic of Iran has always viewed Bulgaria as a friend country in the EU”.

He also thanked Mr Plevneliev for extending his congratulations on the occasion of the official implementation of JCPOA.

“Iran is willing to develop economic and cultural ties with Bulgaria and welcomes Bulgarian entrepreneurs and investors that want to cooperate in our country’s plans and projects” added Rouhani.

Referring to the closure of Iran’s nuclear case, he added: “This indicated that Iran’s nuclear program, as it was repeatedly announced, has always been peaceful”.

“The fact that different religions live together with peace and brotherhood with each other is an honour and we one should not let religious and ethnic issues sow discord in any society” Dr Rouhani said referring to high number of Muslims living in Bulgaria, a country that has got more than one thousand mosques.

Rouhani continued: “In the Islamic Republic of Iran, followers of all religions enjoy equal rights and are free to practice their religious rituals”.

Responding to his Bulgarian counterpart’s official invitation to visit Bulgaria, Dr Rouhani expressed hope that the trip happen in due course.

The President of Bulgaria also congratulated the official implementation of JCPOA and described it as a big political success for Iran, the world, and the EU.

He said: “Bulgaria is one of the friends of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the EU and we seek to strengthen ties in various fields”.

 “Next year, we are set to celebrate the 120th anniversary of Iran-Bulgaria relations; relations that have been based on friendship and mutual trust.” he said, referring to historical Tehran-Sofia ties.

Plevneliev added: “We are ready to provide Iranians with the best conditions and facilities in Bulgaria and we are willing to strengthen trade and cultural ties with Tehran”.

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