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President in a meeting with Pakistani PM:

Using all capacities to develop Tehran-Islamabad necessary/JCPOA a model for solving complicated discords

President Rouhani met with Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, stressing the need to use all capacities for development of Tehran-Islamabad relations.

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Tue 19 - January 2016 - 22:08

In this meeting which was held on Tuesday in Tehran, Dr Rouhani referred to the existing close relations between the two states and nations and said: "Iran's nuclear agreement with 5+1 has led to favourable conditions for all countries of the region and we can make the best use of the capacities and each other's capacities to foster ties and mutual relations to the benefit of both nations".

Referring to nuclear negotiations as a model for solving complicated issues of the region, he expressed hope that economic ties between Iran and Pakistan expand, leading to solve  issues of the region.

Dr Rouhani also said that Iran welcomes increase of stability and security in Pakistan and added: "Historical relations of both countries shows that Iran and Pakistan have had fruitful attempts in establishing stability and security in the region".

On the scourge of terrorism in the region and the related concerns, President said that the government's policy is based on interaction with other countries, especially neighbours, giving positive response to the countries that are combating terrorism.

Dr Rouhani also mentioned the discords between Muslims and called for increased unity and integrity.

He voiced Iran's readiness to help countries of the region fight terrorism and extremism.

Speaking about the issues between Iran and Saudi Arabia, he continued: "We favour expanded ties and do not welcome tension, provided that Muslim people's rights are respected".

Dr Rouhani added: "We believe that region and Muslim World's current conditions require that a coalition for the development of Muslim World be formed which does not seek any war".

In this meeting Nawaz Sharif referred to friendly relations between both countries and said: "Development of ties with Iran has always been a big honour for Pakistan and we should try to expand these ties".

He also congratulated Iran's nuclear agreement and praised tactfulness and wisdom in management and guidance of the negotiations.

On the current conditions of Muslims and the regional issues, he said: "The Islamophobic wave that exists in the world is very worrying and terrorism and extremism in the region are using lack of unity between Muslim countries to their own benefit".

He said: "Pakistan has always sought more unity, brotherhood, and friendship between Muslin brothers and has always tried to remove tensions and disputes".

news id: 91378

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