President indicates Iran’s capability to become emerging economy

President Hassan Rouhani in the forum of "The implementation of JCPOA: New Chapter in Iran's Economy" indicated that Iran can make and organize an emerging economy in the world with the participation of its young generation.

Tue 19 - January 2016 - 11:18

He said: "Eeconomic prosperity is among the most important national goals of the Islamic Republic of Iran, verily it can appear as an emmerging economy in the world through mass participation, especially if young people come to scene".

Dr. Rouhani siad to the forum in which 1200 economic activists participated: "Sanctions scaped, so the long walk to development of Iran should be paved by all, especially the private sector and those non-rentiers have grave responsibility in this regard.

Dr Rouhani also said: “Achieving a victory in a complicated issue that was designed by the Arrogance and Zionism was not easy. Extremists in Washington and New York were always trying not to let this day be written in history”.

Many others did not want to see Iran’s various victories and negotiations become fruitful, said Rouhani adding: “They went to Geneva and Vienna on their private jets and said ‘wait and give us more months to lower oil prices and defeat Iran’”.

He added: “Some others went to UN and spoke in the General Assembly, showed pictures of bombs to the representatives of nations and said ‘do not trust Iran’. Many tried to tempt others to become hopeless and said ‘negotiation with enemy?’ and many said ‘whenever we negotiated, we suffered loss and our negotiation will never reach anywhere’”.

“Our people took to the ballots on 14 June 2013…and declared that they wanted constructive interaction with the world” continued Dr Rouhani.

What we have today and will have tomorrow, is due to our proud, united, and patient people, said President.

On the difficulty of the course of negotiations, he added: “Other parties of the negotiations relied on six 7th-chapter UNSC and 12 IAEA Board of Governors resolutions and were claiming that the international community is opposed to the Islamic Iran”.

“Despite all these difficulties, God’s grace, along with people’s attempts and patience led us on the path to success and we reached the temporary Geneva Agreement” continued President Rouhani.

He also mentioned the efforts done by the negotiating team in different phases of the agreement which eventually led to 16 January 2016.

President added: “If the head of the negotiating team were anyone other than Dr Zarif, we would not reach to this point”.

He went on appreciating the Supreme Leader for his full confidence in Dr Zarif and said: “I appreciate the Supreme Leader for accepting my offer to transfer the case of negotiation with the 6 world powers from the Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Secretariat to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and if this did not happen, our job would be difficult. I told him that when we transfer the case from the SNSC Secretariat to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we are sending a message to the world that the nuclear issue is not a security issue but a political one; and this helped us to succeed”.

Thanking Dr Salehi, he added: “God helped us in this path and put a brother alongside Dr Zarif who was in a high technical level because this was a political, technical, legal, economic, and very complicated job; to be honest, Dr Salehi, Head of Atomic Energy Organization, and the man who spoke many times in the parliament, helped a lot regarding technical issues”.

“He is both Deputy President and the Head of Atomic Energy Organization; he is also one of the country’s top people regarding nuclear knowledge and maybe the best one in his field.” Dr Rouhani said describing Dr Salehi.

He added: “In this path, we needed a third partner who was Defence Minister Dr Dehghan who entered the arena; in the PMD case, these three great people’s attempts took us to the point where IAEA Board of Governors was closed after 12 years”.

He also stressed that during the last 12 years there has been no document to prove that Iran has used nuclear materials for military purposes.

“Iran’s economy is like a youngster and an innocent person that has been unjustly in chains for 12 years” added Rouhani saying that now these chains have been broken and we have got a difficult way to go.

He also said that if everybody does their job, this prison will be gone for ever. He added: “Iran’s economy can enter the competition arena and be included in emerging economies’ league as a member”.

“Supreme Leader’s continued emphasis on Resistive Economy, Parliament’s insistence on it, and government’s forming headquarters for its execution means that today economy is very important” continued Dr Rouhani.

Speaking on the need to solve issues related to banks that are results of sanctions, President said: “Today the government is at the top of the list of debtors and it should turned from a non-creditworthy government into a creditworthy one”.

He also referred to the environmental issues faced by the country and said: “Solving environmental issues depends on reformation of industry and usage of standard fuel”.

He also slammed excessive import during the past years which resulted in low rate of job creation.

In this regard he said: “To create jobs and eradicate unemployment, there is no way other than economic growth”.

Stating that "Economic sector has always subsidized foreign policy" he added: “But government from now on wants to change the course and subsidize the economic sector through foreign policy, today is the day to change the course”.

We have prepared the bases for transportation and insurance because the situation today is different from yesterday. Our banks today can be more active and all should strive hard to boost non-oil exports at least to 15 percent in coming years, because it (further supply) will truly adds to the volume of demands.

He indicated that all unfinished and incomplete construction projects should be transferred and submitted to the private sector on a fair price.

Dr Rouhani described JCPOA as starting point for an economic movement in Iran and said: "Today is the day in which all entrepreneurs have grave duty to revive the country through job creation for young generation, a duty and task which will be supported by government, as well.

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