Iran’s relation with European countries, esp. Luxembourg friendly/Stressing the need to cement ties between the two countries

President Rouhani met with the President of the Chamber of Deputies of Luxembourg Mars Di Bartolomeo and described Iran’s relations with the European country as traditional and amicable.

Sun 17 - January 2016 - 19:24

In this meeting which was held late on Sunday in Tehran, Dr Rouhani said: “Parliamentary relations can lay the ground for better relations between both governments and with the implementation of JCPOA, new conditions are in place which can help expand ties between Iran and Luxembourg.

Referring to negotiations between Iran and 5+1, Rouhani added: “The message of this agreement was that complicated issues can be solved through discussion”.

He also mentioned the issues that the region and the world are facing and said: “Terrorists destroy people’s lives and civilisation and these conditions requires us to stand by each other and unite”.

“Iran and Luxembourg can consult in all regional and international issues” said Dr Rouhani expressing Iran’s readiness to cooperate with other countries in order to solve regional and global issues.

On the importance of parliamentary relations between the two countries, he added: “Using experiences and cementing ties in all areas is to the benefit of both nations and countries”.

In this meeting, Mr Di Bartolomeo congratulated Iran’s success in the nuclear negotiations and said: “We should be happy about the success of diplomacy and the trust and that is because this opening has laid a trustful ground for serving the people of the world”.

He also described development of Iran’s relations with European countries as necessary and called for expansion of ties between the two countries in all areas.

“Terrorism is trying to sow discord among nations and we should be careful and unite against them in order to be able to solve issues” added Di Bartolomeo.

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