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President in the parliament:

JCPOA an opportunity for Iran/This victory achieved by people’s determination, military forces’ authority/Everybody happy about JCPOA’s conclusion, except for Zionists, those seeking division in Muslim World, a small extremist group in U.S.

JCPOA is an opportunity for Iran and this victory has been achieved by people’s resolve and military forces’ authority, said President while handing over next year’s budget bill and the Sixth Development Plan to the parliament early Sunday.

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Sun 17 - January 2016 - 09:50

Expressing hope that everybody stand together for country’s development and people’s welfare, he added: “The great Iranian nation stood by its rights and Islamic ideals with patience and resistance and sent their best diplomats to confront the big powers in the most complicated political case of the contemporary history”.

He added: “Everybody is happy about JCPOA’s conclusion, except for Zionists, those who are seeking division in the Muslim World, and a small extremist group in U.S.”.

“I sincerely appreciate the Supreme Leader who guided, supported, and carefully monitored this significant historical move from beginning to the end” said President adding: “I also thank the parliament, its board of managers, especially the Speaker who, in the Supreme Council of National Security, as well as the Supreme Nuclear Council sessions, helped and supported the path which led to people’s prosperity”.

He continued: “This success was achieved by all three branches and all the pillars of the system, as well as the armed forces; because if they did not guarantee security of the country and it was not peaceful, we would not be able to become successful in the negotiations”.

“I also appreciate the critics who helped the government to continue along the path of defending nation’s rights by their constructive criticisms” added Dr Rouhani.

He added: “JCPOA is only a new atmosphere and condition. We should use this atmosphere and condition for the country’s growth and development and people’s welfare, as well as the security and stability of the region; this would not possible unless we all unite with each other”.

“In JCPOA, no specific wing achieved victory; it is the people of Iran who are victorious. In JCPOA nobody failed, neither inside the country, not the countries which were negotiating with us” he continued.

Dr Rouhani also said: “JCPOA will bring about development and advancement, interaction with the world, and coordination in moves for us”.

Referring to the delay for handing over Sixth Development Plan and next year’s budget, he added: “Government’s performance for the last two years has shown that the 11th government has always considered submitting the budget bill to the parliament in time, but as you know, the bill’s submission date coincided the implementation of the nuclear agreement and lift of sanctions”.

He described the reason as: “Because of the foreign reflection and international sensitiveness, the government did not consider it suitable to submit the budget bill, which was based on the assumption of lift of sanctions, to the parliament before the lift of sanctions became operationalised”.

Mentioning that the government has already submitted some parts of the budget bill and the 6th Development Plan which seemed permanent to the parliament, he said: “What is being submitted today, is not a very thick document and we hope that we can use parliament’s acts in time” added Dr Rouhani.

President also said: “I am honoured today to hand over next year’s budget bill and the 6th Development Plan to the parliament”.

“After over a decade resistance from the side of the great Iranian nation to secure their rights and after 2.5 years of difficult negotiations, the unjust sanctions which were imposed on the country and put economy and people’s welfare under pressure are now lifted” added Rouhani, saying that the nuclear negotiations yielded results with guidance from the Supreme Leader of the revolution, support from people, and help from all the pillars of the system”.

President described the nuclear talks as a brilliant page of Iranian history book and said: "We have made world powers during the course of the negotiations to recognize our nuclear right, to nullify the Iran phobia project, to edit the distorted image of Iran which has been depicted by enemies and prove that Iranian state and nation are logical, peace loving, powerful and strong enough to defend their rights".

"The victory in the negotiations has also promoted the national self-esteem and created a great socio-political capital for the government which is an outcome of increasing domestic and international credibility and honor", he indicated.

"Asserting that the removal of the sanctions will create a great opening and opportunity of the national economy", the Chief of the National Security Council continued: "The removal of the sanctions will reduce the external uncertainties and the resulted costs to the country's economy, increase foreign exchange reserves through easing restrictions on oil exports and releasing of blocked resources, reduce the costs of financial transactions and foreign trade and provide and increase the possibility to use the international banking system facilities, utilization of foreign funds, attracting foreign direct investment, access to new technologies and the development of non-oil exports".

 Dr. Rouhani described JCPOA as a turning point in history of the national economy and said: "As new window has been opened for economic interaction with the world, we should get ready to seize the very opportunity to make an economic leap and development".

Stating that "all government programs and measures are on the road to achieve the vital ideals and causes of spiritual (non-material) progress and an all-out development of the country", President said: As the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution repeatedly stated, in the current situation we should all concentrate on the economy and improvement of the people's living conditions, as the main priority".

"As we are to improve the lives of people, especially through the difficult path of employment, we have to mainly focus on this kind of improvement and marginalize anything else, so we should but to avoid any measures which may result internal and external problem" he stated.

"In fact, it is time for government and people to do their utmost to construct and improve the national economy, thus any useless disputes which may be a blocking obstacle in the way of people's living, especially while they are facing big economic challenges, is against national interest", President added.

"It is time to start more coordination among all branches of the Islamic Republic establishment to compensate all previous lagging behinds", Rouhani said.

Detailing and describing the Sixth program of the government for development and the budget bill for the coming economic year, he said: "As well indicated by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution to reach an 8 percent economic growth, government has focused on the said percentage in the program, but it has no choice to attract about 30 to 50 billion dollars to achieve the goals".    

"The existing financial deficit and the limitations in banking system imply that government should also further consider foreign financial resources to meet the goals especially in the industrial section", President continued" Dr. Rouhani stated.

President outlined different sources of foreign financial incomes and said: "Direct foreign investment is also a source which is the most complete way to attract financial sources to share the construction of the country's post sanction economy and promotion of it".

He also stressed the need to make the best use of the released foreign exchange reserves after being frozen and said: “Access to frozen foreign exchange after the lift of sanctions provides the government with the opportunity to use it as a means to attract more foreign resources”.

Dr Rouhani also mentioned to the development of non-oil exports and stressed its increase complying with the overall framework suggested by Resistive Economy.

President said: “Government’s main approach in the post-sanctions era is attracting foreign investment, non-oil exports, and optimum use of foreign exchange reserves”.

Referring to the recent plunge in oil prices, he continued: “We have repeated the same bitter experience many times when oil prices rise, following a rise in oil revenues, we also rise expenses and make sustainable promises ; but we forget that this source is unsustainable and it can be lost any moment”.

“While our country was gradually exiting stagnation in late 1392 and economic growth was positive in 1393, oil prices started to fall and this struck Iran's oil-dependent economy” added Rouhani.

He continued: “Government has included reform policies in its 6th Development Plan and next year’s budget to deal with the sharp decline of oil prices”.

On involving private sector with construction, he said: “Government is trying to increase efficiency in construction with the help of private sector and attract more resources from the private sector. Right now, it has been estimated that to complete the unfinished construction plans around the country, more than $111bn is needed”.

He also said that the government has seriously considered attracting foreign investment and has included it in the budget bill.

On decreasing interest rates, President Rouhani said: “Unfortunately, high bank interest rates last year was another obstacle to increasing economic dynamism, leading to less demand”.

news id: 91306

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