JCPOA concluded/JCPOA the result of resistance, wisdom, determination of nation/A new chapter opened in relations with world/Our national strategy is resistive economy

President Rouhani sent a message to the Iranian nation following the final implementation of JCPOA and felicitated the conclusion of JCPOA to the “brave and heroic people of Iran”.

Sun 17 - January 2016 - 09:05

Dr Rouhani’s message is as follows:

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Brave and heroic people of Iran, today JCPOA concluded

I praise God for this great gift and show my utmost respect to you patient people

Happy to you all this glorious victory!

In the history of every nation there are moments which clearly shows the position and character of the nation; a time when the world's eyes are stuck to the decision and the will/desire of the nation, while world peoples are concentrating on the subject and eagerly wait to hear from the nation.

Today, the officially announcement of the implementation of Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) means that the Iranian nuclear program is "ever secured", the tyrannical resolutions against the Iranian nation are canceled, the sanctions are removed, Iran's nuclear rights has been accepted by all and the Iranian economy became a global one.

We have accomplished and won the professional and complex negotiations and reached an agreement with the world with dignity and authority based on the divine blessings, auspices of Imam Mahdi, according to the fatwa of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution about the prohibition of nuclear weapons and by relying on the vote of the people of Iran on 24 June 2013 and with the skills of Iranian diplomats and nuclear scientists, as well.

Now we have passed behind the dangerous winding road in the economy and still follow the strategy of resistance economy, the strategy which is not against world economy but in conjunction with it.

Implementation of JCPOA is not against any country. As friends are happy with it, the rivals also should have no concern about it; because Iran is not any threat to any state or nation. We are also fully prepared to protect the honor of Iran, to defend our country's sovereignty, to be a messenger of peace, stability and security in the region and the world.

The victory in the nuclear negotiation is not a factional victory, but for all Iranians and the implementation of the JCPOA is not against any domestic faction or political group, because it is the ending result of all Iranian nation resistance, thoughtfulness, well management and will to show the world that it is a people against any war and violence who have chosen logic, negotiation and excellent debate.

Respected Iranians

I am well informed about what had happen to you during the years of sanctions and foreign pressures. But it is time to construct, reconstruct and flourish, because from now on there is no boycotting chain on the feet of national economy, as we are witnessing the dignity and independence of our country, as well.

Now is the time to build and flourish. You people have passed behind the sanctions with patience, dignity and pride. Today is a transitional period from sanctions to development which requires endeavors, hard working, initiative and investment, and it is a time for all Iranians especially for youth to seize the very opportunities of flourish.

I praise and appreciate the people of Iran, the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution, Grand Ayatollahs, the diplomatic system, the legislators and the previous governments, as well. I bow down and praise all-Mighty Allah and congratulate this historic moment in the life of the Iranian nation, to all the martyrs, especially the martyrs of the Iran nuclear technology who taught us the lesson of hard working, patience, dignity and honor.

I need to thank each and every one of our fellow citizens anywhere in the world, for their two and a half years of complicity with government and their round the clock efforts to cooperate with the government of prudence and hope to finally reach the very deal which has put an end to the sanctions.

With the laudation and greetings to the brave nation of Iran. Peace be upon you as you endured.

Hassan Rouhani

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran

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