Tehran ready to cement ties with Jakarta/Islamic countries powerful enough to eradicate terrorists from region/Iran wants friendly relations with neighbours

Developing cooperation and escalating relations between Iran and Indonesia is necessary, said President Rouhani in a meeting with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia Retno Marsudi.

Wed 13 - January 2016 - 20:47

In this meeting which was held on Wednesday in Tehran, Dr Rouhani referred to good relations between the two countries and said: “We are ready to cement ties with Jakarta in all fields”.

He also talked about the current conditions of the region and the Muslim World and said: “We should not wait for others to combat terrorism, because Muslim countries have the required facilities and are strong enough to eradicate terrorism from the region”.

The Islamic World and Muslim countries need extensive cooperation and closer relations with each other to achieve development, added Dr Rouhani, stressing the need for more unity and integrity among Muslims.

“It is unfortunate that today a lot of countries of the region are struggling with terrorism and extremism and in such conditions, it is the duty of all organisations and Islamic countries not to hesitate any effort aimed at increasing unity and stability in the Islamic World” continued Rouhani.

Slamming some countries’ support of terrorism, he added: “The Islamic Republic of Iran has always wanted good, friendly, and brotherly relations among its neighbours and countries of the region and is ready to help other countries in the path of unity, sustainable security, and regional development in the Islamic World”.

Dr Rouhani also praised the Indonesian President for his attention to the need for strengthening unity and conversation in the Islamic World.

In the same meeting, Retno Marsudi underlined the need for attempting to expand ties and relations between Tehran and Jakarta in all fields of mutual interest and said: “Indonesia is committed to development of ties with Iran and we will definitely witness more powerful relations between the two countries in future”.

She also viewed peace and security in the region as of chief importance and said: “Muslims should unite with each other in line with Islamic values and confronting main challenges of the Islamic World, including terrorism and extremism”.

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