SCCR reviews 2 reports by ministries, Azad University on field trips

President Hassan Rouhani chaired a Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution (SCCR) session late Tuesday in which the issue of holding mixed-gender excursions was raised by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, the Ministry of Health, and Azad University and was reviewed by the council members.

Wed 13 - January 2016 - 10:23

The three higher education organs reported on small cases of mixed-gender excursions which were held out of the framework of values, ethics and rules established by the SCCR, as well as university regulations.

However, the Chief of the Council and other members still pushed on keeping eyes on such similar events and on doing the best to stop occurrences of such irregular happenings in educational environments.

The council members also asked university deans and presidents to execute related previous resolutions of the Council and remove the possible ambiguities on the ways and mechanisms of holding such recreational, scientific and educational field trips based on the existing rules and regulations and with the help of the Council of Islamization of Universities and Educational Centers (CIUEC), and also propose their necessary observations to be reviewed and approved by the SCCR as well.

The Council members also stressed doing further concrete planning for these extraordinary programs and holding such recreational and sport excursions in order to enjoy joyful and happy university campuses and educational environments.

They also put emphasis on more support of such excursions and further collaborations by all relevant bodies if necessary.

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