Tehran, Berlin to expand ties in all fields/JCPOA should result in extended economic, political, regional cooperation

Stressing the need for maximum use of existing capacities and potentials of the atmosphere created by the nuclear deal, President Rouhani, in a meeting with Former Chancellor of Germany Gerhard Schroder, said: “Tehran and Berlin have cleared the path towards expansion of ties”

Tue 12 - January 2016 - 13:25

In this meeting which was held on Tuesday in Tehran, Dr Rouhani referred to Germany’s positive and constructive role in Iran’s nuclear negotiations with 5+1 and said: “Today on the verge of implementation of JCPOA, conditions are optimum for boosting ties with Iran and we should act in a way that all negotiating parties feel satisfied about this deal”.

He added: “We should strengthen the bases of the (nuclear) agreement simultaneously with its implementation and show the world that negotiation and conversation can lead us to a positive and comprehensive point”.

“If the other parties of the negotiations fulfil their commitments, the Islamic Republic of Iran will also be serious and determined to implement the nuclear deal” added Dr Rouhani.

Referring to the existing ties between Iran and Germany in different areas including automobile manufacturing and energy sector, President continued: “Iran has got rail and sea transport facilities, as well as the biggest energy resources in the region, educated human resources, high security, and a geographical centrality for the import of goods to neighbouring countries”.

“Iran has also got favourable potentials that can be used to quickly organise common projects between the two countries” continued Rouhani.

He also talked about the relations between Iran and Germany in all areas such as tourism, parliamentary communications, and scientific and cultural issues and said: “The two countries can have good cooperation and consultations in resolving political and regional issues”.

Mentioning the scourge of terrorism, Dr Rouhani said: “Today terrorism has faced the countries of the region with issues of stability and security and other countries, including Germany, are dealing with the consequences of this insecurity, namely refugee issues”.

He also underlined the need to provide humanitarian aid to refugees and the displaced and said: “The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to have discussions and consultations, as well as cooperation with other countries to combat terrorism and its effects and consequences in the region”.

“Peace and security in the region is of chief importance to us and we are ready to use all our energy to combat terrorism as a global crisis” added Rouhani.

In this meeting, Gerhard Schroder described the nuclear deal and the implementation of JCPOA as a new chapter in Iran-Germany relations and said: “The nuclear agreement showed that international issues can be solved by negotiation and conversation and we can use that as a model to solve international issues such as that of Syria”.

On the need to expand ties between the two countries, he added: “Iran and Germany have got historical culture and should try to cement ties in cultural and scientific fields, as well as communication between the two nations”.

Schroder also referred to his country’s readiness to cooperate in humanitarian acts and said: “Iran’s role in developing regional stability and peace is undeniable”.

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