Strengthening Iraq’s unity, territorial integrity important to Iran/Iran’s foreign policy based on good relations with neighbours, stabilisation, regional cooperation

Strengthening national unity, preserving territorial integrity, and development and prosperity of Iraq as a friend and neighbour country is important to Iran, said President Rouhani in a meeting with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iraq Ibrahim al-Jaafari.

Wed 06 - January 2016 - 20:28

In this meeting which was held late on Wednesday in Tehran, Dr Rouhani hailed Iraqi people, government, and army’s successes in confronting terrorists and said: “The more there is security and friendship in Iraq, the happier Iranian nation and government will be”.

He also appreciated the government of Iraq for safely holding this year’s Arba’een ceremony and the Iraqi nation for receiving Iranian pilgrims.

On execution of Sheikh Nimr by the government of Saudi Arabia, he added: “Islamic Republic of Iran’s foreign policy is based on good relations with its neighbours, stabilisation, and regional cooperation”.

Stressing that Iran has never sought to fan discords and tensions in the region, Dr Rouhani continued: “Today in the current conditions of the region and the need to combat terrorism by unity among countries, unwise, prompt, and provocative decisions will surely escalate tensions and be detrimental to the countries of the region”.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has never done any action against interests of other countries of the region” Dr Rouhani added, saying that Iran has always helped other countries of the region, as well as those of the Islamic World to develop cooperation and stability.

In this meeting, Mr al-Jaafari also stressed the need to develop Tehran-Baghdad ties in all fields in regional and international issues.

Hailing Iran’s wise and tactful policies, he added: “Powerful politics and diplomacy of Iran, which is based on patience and bravery, is admirable”.

Referring to next Sunday’s summit of Arabic countries’ foreign ministers, he expressed hope that officials and authorities of the countries of the region try to cement ties and decrease tensions by interaction and consultation.

“We favour establishment of peace and security in all countries of the region and we should not let the enemies of Islam escalate tensions in order to achieve their goals” added the Iraqi FM.

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