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President in a regular cabinet session:

Saudi Arabia sought to conceal internal issues, failure in regional policies by executing Sheikh Nimr

President Rouhani chaired a cabinet meeting and referred to the inappropriate and cruel execution of Sheikh Nimr, saying: “This great scholar was imprisoned with spurious reasons and executed because of criticising the Saudi Arabia government. In legal norms of any country, a person is not executed and beheaded because of criticism”.

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In this regular cabinet meeting which was held on Wednesday, Dr Rouhani also said: “The Islamic World and all those who favour freedom around the world, as well as Iranian nation and officials, have been affected by the act of Saudi government and condemned it”.

He also described one of government’s goals as showing the true face of Islam and Iran to the world and said: “Iran’s face has improved in the world to the point that WAVE resolution was unanimously approved in the UN General Assembly, resulting in Iran being known as the forerunner of combating terrorism”.

Dr Rouhani also described storming Saudi Arabia’s diplomatic mission as “erroneous and illegal” and asked the ministries of Intelligence and Internal Affairs to seriously deal with those who were in charge of the security of the embassy and probably failed to prevent the incident.

“Individuals who attacked these missions out of ignorance or affiliation are criminals and I urge the Judiciary Branch to review this case out of turn” added Rouhani.

“Diplomatic missions and guests are legally and internationally immune and attacking these places in the country is against legal and religions laws and is considered as an insult to the political system’s reputation; it is like storming one’s house” continued Dr Rouhani who is also Head of the Supreme Council of National Security.

He added: “Those who storm diplomatic missions are away from Islamic and Iranian culture, as well as the law”.

Saying that the whole world views Iran’s successful nuclear negotiations a big achievement, he continued: “The Zionist Regime and Saudi Arabia along with an extremist group in the United States tried so hard from the beginning of the negotiations in order not to let it conclude and even after the agreement obstructed the administration stages of JCPOA and until today, they have been pursuing their conspiracies but the Iranian nation and government, with His help, will reach all their goals and achievements”.

Mentioning good and historical relations between the two nations of Iran and Saudi Arabia, Dr Rouhani also said: “Unfortunately, the Saudi government, which is the government of an Islamic country, has attempted for so long to introduce and fan Shia-Sunni strife and create an Iranophobic atmosphere in the world’s public opinion”.

On the financial and weapons support of terrorists and Saudi air and missile strikes on Yemen, as well as obstructions being caused for the victory of Iraqi and Syrian governments, he added: “All of these actions are aimed at making more rifts between Shias and Sunnis, as well as causing more tensions in the region”.

“Saudi Arabia’s move of severing diplomatic ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran and urging other countries to do the same, was aimed at obstructing the process of peace, stability, and security in the region” added Rouhani.

President also said: “Saudi Arabia is seeking to conceal internal issues and its failure in its recent regional policies, and also putting Iran under pressure by carrying out these actions”.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran will continue to pursue all his programs without paying attention to obstructions; JCPOA will soon be implemented and sanctions lifted” continued President Rouhani.

He also expressed hope that Iranians will witness better economic conditions next year.

Dr Rouhani added: “Islamic Republic of Iran programs and goals, with a record of civilisation and great power in the region, will not be affected by childish acts of novices in a certain government”.

“The government of the Islamic Republic of Iran seeks to establish good and constructive relations will all countries around the world, especially Islamic ones and neighbours” continued Rouhani.

He also urged the Saudi government to compensate for its past mistakes and come back from the wrong path.

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