President: Tehran’s policy cementing ties with Kabul/Stressing finalisation of comprehensive cooperation document

“Iran welcomes developing ties with Afghanistan, especially in economy, culture, and environment” said President Rouhani in a meeting with the Chief Executive Officer of Afghanistan Abdullah Abdullah.

Tue 05 - January 2016 - 20:26

In this meeting which was held late on Tuesday in Tehran, Dr Rouhani said: “Iran’s resolve to develop ties and relations with its neighbours, including the friend and brother country of Afghanistan in all areas of interest”.

Referring to the need to boost cooperation in economic transactions between the two nations, he continued: “The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to finalise the comprehensive document of cooperation with Afghanistan and I hope this trip functions as a landmark in this regard and develops economic, trade, and cultural Tehran-Kabul relations”.

On the historical and brotherly ties between the two nations, he added: “After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Iranian nation and government have stood by the Afghan nation through all its ups and downs”.

Dr Rouhani continued: “Currently, hundreds of thousands of Afghan students are studying in Iran and these statistics are clear reasons for amicable relations between the two countries and I hope these students can serve their country in the best way by passing higher education degrees”.

He also said that Afghanistan and region’s primary need is security and added: “Iran desires a safe, stable, and united Afghanistan”.

Referring to the establishment of a national unity government in Afghanistan as a positive achievement, President said: “Trying to preserve and continue this unity is a sign of Afghan politicians’ maturity which have created a way for unity and consensus among all ethnic groups and we hope this unity is stable and contributes to Afghanistan’s development more than before”.

“Solving the crisis of narcotics needs seriousness and cooperation in all areas” added Dr Rouhani.

In this meeting, CEO of Afghanistan appreciated Iran for its support and said: “Afghanistan has faced with a lot of difficulties and whenever the Afghan nation needed support, have seen Iranian nation and government by them”.

Abdullah also thanked Iran for providing opportunities for Afghan students to study in this country and continued: “Afghan adolescents and youths are studying the desired majors in Iran without any limitations and without a doubt, if the government of Afghanistan wanted to train experts in these areas, it needed a lot of investment and very long time”.

Referring to the clarity of the number of Afghan nationals and their legal presence in Iran as the common demands of both countries and said: “We hope to be able to provide desirable conditions as soon as possible for the respectful return of immigrants to our country”.

Abdullah also said that the government of Afghanistan has serious political resolve to confront narcotics and added: “The atmosphere of relations between the two countries is very amicable, accompanied by mutual respect and this spirit is enough for advancing relations and cooperation between the two countries, as well as overcoming all hurdles”.

He also stressed the need to accelerate developing a comprehensive document between the two countries and establishing a joint committee on cooperation in the fields of water resources and environment.

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