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President in a meeting with the Danish FM:

Tehran determined to develop ties with Copenhagen/Saudi Arabia cannot disguise its crime by cutting ties; beheading not a response to criticism

President Rouhani met with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and described Iran’s approach to international ties as an interactive one based on win-win situation and said: “Tehran is determined to develop ties with northern European countries, especially Denmark.

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Tue 05 - January 2016 - 13:21

Speaking about Sheikh Nimr’s execution, President Dr Hassan Rouhani said: “The response to criticism should not be beheading and we hope that European countries that always react to human rights issues, fulfil their human rights responsibilities on the matter”.

In this meeting with Kristian Jensen which was held on Tuesday in Tehran, Dr Rouhani mentioned Islamic Republic of Iran’s resolve to have good relations with its neighbours and said: “It is natural that crime against Islamic and human rights will be followed by public opinion reactions”.

President Rouhani said: "Saudi government tries to conceal its criminal act of beheading a religious leader through severing diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran, forgetting the fact that it is not undoubtedly possible to cover or justify such a big crime as execution of a prominent figure".

"Considering diplomacy and negotiations as the best solution to settle the difference among nations, we believe the  regional situation nowadays is not that much safe and stable to go into such differences, thus all regional countries should become united and cooperate with each other to confront terrorism which is endangering the region by spreading over it", he continued.

Dr Rouhani considered fighting terrorism as an axis of cooperation between Iran and European countries and expressed Iran's readiness to cooperate with other countries especially with the European ones in this regard.

President indicated that all countries should continue their coordinated measures and programs to fight terrorism and make the world free from any radicalism and violence through WAVE resolution by UN General Assembly.

Addressing some necessary measures to root out terrorism, he said: “The first move to fight terrorism is to put more pressure on the countries which are supporting it any way”.

“It is not imperceptible what countries are financially helping terrorist groups, who are buying oil from terrorists, and what countries are providing them with weapons and equipment or open their borders for terrorists have access to other parts of the world” Dr Rouhani added.

He continued: “Another issue in fight against terrorism is that we should be serious in the matter and use all possible advertising, intelligence, and operational facilities against terrorists”.

Dr Rouhani further noted: “It is not important what nationality and religion has a person who has been attacked by terrorists got, therefore it is necessary that there be the same stance towards all innocent human beings who are killed”.

President continued: “Islam is a religion which is 100% against terror and terrorism and it should be noted that some media’s incorrect judgement towards Islam results in terrorists’ recruitment from other communities and this issue is a trap set up terrorists themselves and we should not be caught in it”.

Referring to a verse from the Holy Quran which states that killing an innocent human being means killing all humanity, Rouhani also said: “The path of religion is separate from that of terrorists and we should not let advertising programs to be thrown in that path”.

He also stressed helping refugees by saying: “The Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the countries which receives the most refugees, but at the same time, we are ready to cooperate on the matter with other countries including Denmark”.

“Cementing ties between the two countries is to the benefit of both nations and can also be effective to strengthen international peace and stability” he said, mentioning the accelerated development of ties between Tehran and Copenhagen.

Considering the economic delegation accompanying the Danish FM as Copenhagen’s firm resolve to develop economic and cultural relations with Iran, Dr Rouhani added: “From the side of the Iranian government there is serious resolve to cement ties with northern European countries, including Denmark”.

Dr Rouhani also referred to Iran’s capacities in different areas and said: “Today, our country’s atmosphere is completely ready for investment and transfer of technology”.

In this meeting, Danish Foreign Minister Mr Kristian Jensen said that Denmark attaches great importance to developing relation with Iran and added: “Copenhagen welcomes new developments in the Iranian government’s economic programs aimed at facilitating economic relations”.

“My accompanying trade delegation are very eager to initiate their mutual economic relations with the Iranian side and they have been told that they should not hold a merely trade view towards Iran and they should also have activities in transferring technology and mutual investment as well” added Jensen.

Speaking about Sheikh Nimr’s execution in Saudi Arabia he said: “Denmark was the first country to condemn this Saudi action”.

On the cooperation of the two countries on terrorism, the Danish FM said: “Denmark’s policy is to confront terrorism in the world and we are after having a safe world for advancement and development”.

“There is no good terrorism. Islam does not equal terrorism and is completely against it. But unfortunately, some are using the name of Islam to carry out their terrorist acts; without a doubt, these kinds of people are going astray and this is an issue which we underscore” Jensen continued.

news id: 91178

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