Atmosphere ready for Tehran-Paris ties development/JCPOA a model for resolving international issues/Identifying terrorist supporters not difficult/Democracy in Syria not possible with terrorists present, Syrians displaced

Iran and France have common interests in many areas and a political resolve exists in both sides to use the opportunities to the benefit of both nations, President Rouhani said in a meeting with President of the French Senate Gerard Larcher in Tehran.

Sun 20 - December 2015 - 14:30

In this meeting which was held on Sunday, President Rouhani said: “Iran and France should use the post-JCPOA and post-sanctions atmosphere to develop ties and cooperation in all areas of common interest”.

Dr Rouhani also mentioned Iran and France cooperation in the process of nuclear negotiations of Iran and 5+1 and reaching an agreement as a good start for a development in Tehran-Paris cooperation and said: “French high-ranking economic and political officials and delegations' trip to Iran after the nuclear deal shows that reaching an agreement is a jumpstart for more development of cooperation and ties between the two countries”.

France is an important country in Europe and the two countries have got close and historic relations with each other, said President Rouhani, adding: “Imam Khomeini (RA) being sent to exile in France has made this country’s name memorable in Iranian people’s minds and they view French people as cultured”.

“Iran and France have had good cooperation with each other for years and today, the post-sanctions climate is favourable to make the best use of the economic atmosphere” said Dr Rouhani, stressing the need to develop close ties and cooperation between the parliaments of the two countries.

Underlining that the Islamic Republic of Iran will be committed to what was agreed in JCPOA, President added: “JCPOA proved that important international issues can be resolved through negotiation and this can act as a model for resolving other international issues”.

Dr Rouhani also condoled the recent terrorist attack in France to the French nation and government and said: “This incident and other terrorist incidents have shown that terrorism is a big threat to all countries and nations. Iran hopes that the perpetrators of these crimes be brought to justice as soon as possible”.

Describing terrorism as one of the biggest problems of the region and the world, he continued: “Today, terrorist groups such as Al-Qaida and ISIS want to dominate the region and the whole world should cooperate to weaken these terrorist groups”.

Saying that oil and narcotics are two major income sources for the terrorist groups, Dr Rouhani said: “Unfortunately, some countries provide the terrorist groups with facilities and weaponry and, of course, identifying the supporters of terrorist groups is not difficult”.

“We should not let some countries terrorist groups to reach their goals” continued the Iranian President.

On Syrian crisis, Dr Rouhani said: “If the political system in Syria needs reforms, this should only be done through holding free elections and resolve from the side of the people of Syria”.

Stressing that democracy in Syria is not possible with terrorists being present in the country and many Syrians being displaced, he added: “To solve the Syrian crisis, a precise planning and meeting the priorities is needed which Iran and France can cooperate with each other on this issue”.

Rouhani also said that kindness, friendship, and justice is the first message of all religions and continued: “We should not let terrorist acts being committed under the disguise of religions; we should separate terrorists and their acts from divine religions and not let terrorists use religion to achieve their goals”.

“I hope that Iran, as a stable country in the region, and France, as a powerful country in Europe and the world can cooperate on solving regional and international issues and disputes” said Rouhani.

Referring to climate change summit in Paris, President said: “Environment is a very significant issue for the current and future generations and the Islamic Republic of Iran, as a country which possesses the biggest source of clean energy, is ready to reduce pollution and protect the environment with other countries and use the advanced technology of the developed countries in industry”.

In this meeting, President of the French Senate Gerard Larcher expressed satisfaction for meeting with President Rouhani and thanked president for his message of condolences with the people of France.

“French Government and nation attach great importance to Iranian president’s trip to Paris and we hope that this trip happens in the near future” he said.

He also viewed developing Tehran-Paris economic ties as a must and said: “Reports by the French entrepreneurs from their trip to Iran shows that there is a favourable environment for economic representatives of both countries to work together and we should make the best use of them. I hope that in Iranian President and officials’ trip to Paris good agreements be reached”.

On the nuclear deal Larcher said: “Trust should be mutual in reaching an agreement to let us reach the goals of JCPOA”.

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