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President in a meeting with heads of cooperative unions:

The share of the government in economy should be handed over to the private sector/we will not allow some radicals to disappoint people/cooperatives need to gain momentum in the prosperity of Iran

President Rouhani described the path of the government as being in line with creating peace and a new atmosphere towards developing the country and said: “What the government had to do with the help of people was lifting wrong, cruel, and anti-human rights sanctions in order to clear the path to development, and to let the cooperatives in all over the country start their quick momentum for developing Iran.”

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Sun 13 - September 2015 - 09:01

“Unfortunately, despite the positive points, rich culture, and educated people, our country has witnessed some deficiencies in the economy sector” president added.

He further expressed discontent over the country’s economy being oil-based, and said: “so far, the salary of office workers, developing 5-year and 7-year economical plans, and organizing funding of several sectors such as agriculture and infrastructures has been based on the number and price of oil barrels in the global market”.

“Still, annual budgeting of major sectors is calculated based on anticipating the price of oil in the global market and the price of dollar in the upcoming year.” added Dr.Rouhani.

He further noted that despite the reduction of the share of oil to 33 per cent last year, one third of the budget is still based on oil and said: “the Iranian economy is based on a single product; a dependence which has not been completely abolished yet”.

“At the time of sanctions, some powerful countries opposed the government and the nation of Iran by forcing us to sell only one million barrels a day and that in turn is considered not only imposing economic pressure, but also a disrespect to our national honour and pride.

President said: ' Our nation has resisted and resistance of our nation deserves being praised and be told well done. Our nation should know that the arrogance and the big powers have placed chains on economic movement of dear Iran and impeded its progress, targeting their dignity, freedom, trade and sale of their resources. And now, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) means breaking all the chains.'

'That's (the JCPOA) is what our national heroes held talks with six major powers round the clock for two years and resisted for each word and sentence of it so that context of the deal was achieved. No one can claim throughout history that the context of the deal is inconsistent with dignity and majesty of Iranian nation. You do see that whole the world and all countries, excluding an illegitimate regime and a number of extremists inside the US, have been humble before the agreement, taking it as a move in line with international peace.'

Dr.Rouhani said: “Touching upon yet a different issue, president hailed cooperatives a sector as a path toward distributing wealth and preventing unfair concentration of welfare in certain classes; “we should identify cooperatives as a sector of economy bringing about justice for all; however, despite the hopes for increased role of cooperatives after the Revolution, it ceased to hold its role in economy; the Ministry of Cooperatives and Labour should carry out an investigation into the probable causes of the successes and failures of the sector.”

Dr.Rouhani cited as successful cases of the cooperatives transportation and agriculture; on the job creation role of the cooperatives, he emphasized that housewives should participate, through cooperatives, in generating income for the family and the idea that women should foster children at home should be discarded.

“The Ministry of Cooperatives and Labour should prepare a blueprint for the cabinet to be passed; cooperatives should come to the focus of attention of different players of the economy to see more active sector after sanctions, a sector which contribute positively to the development of the country,” Dr.Rouhani concluded.

news id: 89318

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