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President in a ceremonial conference on the occasion of Judiciary Week:

Skilled judicial system is the first condition for country’s development

President Hassan Rouhani said the Islamic Republic is especially expected to have a vigorous and efficient judiciary.

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Sun 28 - June 2015 - 11:24

He made the remarks here on Sunday while addressing the opening of a gathering to mark the Judiciary Week.
He stressed that a skilled and efficient judicial system was the founding stone of country’s development.
Dr.Rouhani considered the first condition for development as the country’s judicial system, saying “our condition today is quite different from the past. It is through reliance on judiciary that people can obtain their rights of property, honor, dignity and even their freedom of thought and speech. Our judicial system must ensure that in the society.”
President further noted that establishment of justice called for collaboration of branches of power, Noting that the government has always prided itself on its judicial system, the President added that Iranian judiciary regards all nation and plaintiffs as equal and makes no difference between Shias and Sunnis, Muslims and Christians or any ethnicity or party.
President Rouhani called for a prevention of corruption through respecting the law, eradicating favoritism, creating transparency in information, eliminating the exceptions in the law and modernizing systems of the government.
“We must update the bills and laws and make our judicial system transparent to all,” he said.
He further praised the role of martyred Mohammad Hossein Beheshti as the first head of the Iranian judiciary system after the victory of the Islamic Revolution in building the existing apparatus.

news id: 87830

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