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President in a gathering of governor generals and governors from all over the country:

No one entitled to insult Iran’s top diplomat

President Hassan Rouhani has defended the performance record of his cabinet in the past 21 months since he took office as President of the country and said no one is entitled to insult Iran’s top diplomat.

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Sat 30 - May 2015 - 10:08

Addressing a gathering of governor generals and governors from all over the country, he said the members of the Iranian nuclear team are among the best, so no one should dare talk rudely to the diplomats who are defending the interests of country in front lines.
He said the issue of nuclear negotiations does not pertain to only this or that political party but one which involves the whole nation and system.
He added he wondered why certain people were unwilling to see people become happy.
The president said such people are afraid of seeing smile on people’s faces.
He added the issue of nuclear negotiations was a sensitive one because its success or failure would affect economy, business, value of national currency and every other thing.
He said the whole nation and administration were backing the nuclear negotiations to prove to the world that Iran’s nuclear activities, unlike what enemies are trying to say, is for peaceful purposes.
President Rouhani said what the Iranian nation is now achieving is indeed to the benefit of the whole region and will not harm any soul as many are trying to make believe.
He stressed that “we want to say to the great Iranian nation that they are so strong and capable that they could sit to negotiate with big world powers for their rights, defend their rights and eventually force them to lift the unfair sanctions.”
“We should be united and have solidarity in this issue,” the president added.
Commenting on the upcoming elections, he said his government could say it is successful only when the elections are held in an enthusiastic, free and healthy atmosphere.
He went on to comment on the political atmosphere of the country and said Iran is a pluralist country which welcomes diverse ideas. “Iran is not like, let's say, that country in Far East in which people should live as if they are in a garrison. Here people are free; they speak freely and express their ideas.”

news id: 87414

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