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President in a meeting with Cyprus FM:

Iran seeks closer ties with European Union and Cyprus

President Hassan Rouhani stressed on Sunday the importance of further development of relations between Tehran and Nicosia.

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Sun 11 - January 2015 - 18:06

President Rouhani made the remarks in a meeting with Cypriot Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides.
President stating that Iran is seeking the strengthening of cooperation with the European Union states, including Cyprus, said that in the current situation Tehran's relations with EU are in a good level and Cyprus can play an influential role in strengthening the cooperation between the two sides.
President Rouhani pointed to the conditions and developments in the region, said: 'The present day conditions of the Middle East, and even the Mediterranean areas, are in need of greater cooperation in the field of campaign against extremism, terrorism, and aggression.’
President condemned violence and extremism all over the world, said that to same extent that massacre of Iraqi, Pakistani, Afghan, Lebanese and Syrian nations’ account for crimes, the terrorist acts in Paris, London, Berlin and Washington are disgraceful and condemned.
President Rouhani said that through strengthening the bonds of cooperation in the Middle East and Mediterranean areas, the regional countries should prevent the emergence and growth of extremism and aggression.
Turning to the issue of bilateral civil ties, President emphasized the need for further expansion of tourism, cultural and scientific relations, considering the Iran-Cyprus relations an offspring of the ancient ties between two great powers of the time, Iran and Greece.
Cypriot foreign minister, for his part, said that Cyprus is following to use of all the potentials and opportunities to strengthen relations with Iran and we hope that we reach prominent achievements in economic field."
He said that the government and nation of Cyprus have an intimate feeling toward Iranian nation.
'Today, we have the great opportunity of boosting our comprehensive relations to a level that will be greater than ever before through bilateral cooperation, seeking shared ways for combat against extremism and terrorism, which know no border and teases everyone alike,' said the Cyprian foreign minister.
He especially asked for the expansion of economic ties with Iran, arguing that the year 2013 was a tough year for Cyprus in which the country suffered from severe economic recession.
'Maybe a part of the economic problems we suffered then and even today have been due to the imposed sanctions against Iran, which led to the imbalance in international trade relations,' he added.

news id: 83771

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