President felicitates heads of the Islamic states on Prophet’s birthday

President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday congratulated heads of the Islamic states on the occasion of the birthday of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Wed 07 - January 2015 - 21:24

Sending separate messages to the heads of the Islamic states, President Rouhani expressed hope that those “who care about Muslim Ummah and lovers of the Holy Prophet of Islam would pay due attention, more than ever, to the necessity of the Islamic unity.”
President stressed that Islamic unity is a must now that the “world of Islam is burning in the fire of extremism and provocative acts to trigger tribal and religious prejudice and now that enemies of Islam are presenting a distorted and wrong image of Islam which is a religion of peace and against its holy prophet.”
President Rouhani also hoped that true lovers of Islam would “pave the way for spread of peace, justice, progress and spirituality among Muslim nations by following morals of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and his attitude which was based on tolerance.”

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