If P5+1 ignore backstage lobbies, is not impossible to reach agreement

President Rouhani said here on Thursday that if P5+1 have goodwill and ignore backstage lobbies, it is not impossible to reach an agreement by the end of July.

Thu 22 - May 2014 - 13:37

President emphsized addressing a press conference in China,ˈWe are in no hurry, neither in negotiations nor in reaching the final agreement. However, we believe that reaching a conclusion would benefit both sides.”
President Hassan Rouhani has warned against the spread of terrorism, saying the ominous phenomenon can only be eradicated through global interaction.
President Hassan Rouhani said that the present Iranian government favors interaction with all world countries while preserving the fundamental principles of the Islamic Republic.
“In order to root out extremism and violence we need coordination, cooperation and interaction among all countries in the region and the world,” said Dr.Rouhani.
Definitely, terrorism, violence and extremism will not be restricted to a particular area,Dr.Rouhani warned.
The Iranian chief executive criticized certain countries for sponsoring extremism in the Middle East.
Dr.Rouhani further pointed to Iran’s proposal titled ‘World Against Violence and Extremism’ (WAVE), saying the idea calls for global interaction to combat extremism and violence.
Elsewhere, in his remarks, the Iranian president said that the Islamic Republic’s foreign policy is based on interaction with the world.
“Through interaction and dialog, we can solve many issues in the way of interaction with the world,” Rouhani said.
ˈWe could settle many issues with the world through constructive interactions and negotiations, ˈ said President Rouhani.
ˈNegotiations with Chinese authorities can be considered as a prelude to further development in bilateral relations, ˈ he added.
China is Iran’s first trade partner, President Rouhani noted, adding the two countries enjoys close relations at regional and international levels.

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