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President at the meeting of the Administrative Council of North Khorasan:

People do not expect to see half-finished work with this parliament and government in the second step of the Islamic Revolution

Emphasising the need to accelerate the development of North Khorasan province, the President said, "Despite the efforts made, we are still witnessing backwardness in the infrastructure of this province, and overcoming this backwardness requires a jihadist act such as the time of the Holy Defence".

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Fri 24 - June 2022 - 14:48

Speaking on Thursday evening in the meeting of the Administrative Council of North Khorasan Province, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi described the people of the province as sincere, religious and revolutionary people and added, "The proof of this is the dedication of 2600 martyrs and 7500 wounded war veterans of this province”.
The President continued by stating that poverty, corruption and discrimination must not be in the Islamic system, adding, "Despite the efforts made during these years by various governments and parliaments, we are still far from the desired situation and we should all try to reduce this gap”.
Dr Raisi said, "Mr Governor General, as the highest executive official of the province, should implement resolutions follow up the completion of half-finished projects”.
"People do not expect to see half-finished work with this parliament and government in the second step of the Islamic Revolution," he said.
Ayatollah Raisi further described the existence of an efficient and transformative manager as one of the conditions for success in the implementation of any programme and added, "Today, the people and the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution expect the managers in the Islamic Republic to make a real change in the country".
Dr Raisi emphasised that our government should be the government of solving the problem, and specified, "People should feel the change, and that change requires colleagues that work in this direction”.
Referring to the difference between reports on drugs or smuggling and what is happening in the society and the market, Ayatollah Raisi said, "I am not saying that the reports are false, but eradicating corruption requires realism and serious fieldwork".
The President further quoted the President of Turkmenistan as saying that the country had the largest volume of trade and economic relations with Iran after the declaration of independence, adding, "It should be examined why this volume of trade has decreased and what countries have taken the place of Iran and Iranian goods in the Turkmen market”.
Dr Raisi continued, "During his recent visit to Iran, the President of Turkmenistan also emphasised the strengthening and serious development of trade with Iran and meeting the needs of their market with Iranian goods, and the realisation of this requires effort”.
The President said that the basis of the neighbourhood policy is the development of trade and using the capacities of neighbouring countries and said, "There is a lot of ground for exporting Iranian products and in our meetings with officials of neighbouring countries, they emphasise that they want more goods from Iran”.
Ayatollah Raisi continued to offer his condolences to the people of Afghanistan due to the casualties caused by the earthquake, and prayed for the bereaved families, saying, "I have called on the Red Crescent to accelerate relief work to the people affected by the earthquake, because it is our humanitarian duty”.
The President noted, "The people of Afghanistan have been oppressed by the Americans and NATO for years, and these days, unfortunately, armed groups and terrorists under the auspices of the domination system have killed the Afghan people and blown up their mosques and places of worship and disturbed their peace and security”.
Dr Raisi said that the Islamic Republic is very proud among the countries of the world in terms of supporting the people of Afghanistan, adding, "Iran has been hosting a lot of Afghan people for over three decades, while western countries, despite their claims, do not help or support these people, nor do they try to eradicate the terrorist currents in this country. But Islamic Iran has shown that it is sincere towards the people of Afghanistan and stands by these oppressed people”.

news id: 137489

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