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President at the ceremony of receiving the credentials of the new ambassador of Nepal:

Rich cultural, civilisational background of Iran, Nepal a good ground for development of interactions/ Emphasis on strengthening economic, political, cultural relations between the two countries

The President described the rich cultural and civilisational history of Iran and Nepal as a suitable ground for the expansion of interactions between the two countries, saying, "The two countries can develop their relations in various political and economic fields by relying on this rich background".

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Mon 25 - April 2022 - 15:34

Speaking in a ceremony of receiving credentials of the new ambassador of Nepal to Tehran, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi referred to the cultural and civilisational common grounds among Asian countries, including Iran and Nepal, and said, "The two countries can enrich their relations and interactions by relying on their rich cultural and civilisational background in various political, economic and especially cultural fields".
"Iran and Nepal have always had good and friendly relations," he said, adding, "Today, western domineering powers have put the emphasis of their cultural invasion on rich cultural resources of non-western countries, and it is essential that we make more efforts to protect our culture and civilisation, including in the field of human rights".
The Ambassador of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, also expressed his country's interest in further enhancing relations and interactions with the Islamic Republic of Iran, saying, "The two countries have very close common grounds and cultural closeness, in a way that there are hundreds of Persian words in Nepali language, and we must use these appropriate cultural contexts to develop relations in various fields".

news id: 135963

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