President emphasises accelerating the completion of the 2nd lane of Parsabad-Ardabil road

The President called for speeding up the construction of the half-finished project of the second lane of the Parsabad-Ardabil road to address the concerns of the people about road accidents and casualties and stressed the need to complete this road in the shortest possible time and with appropriate quality.

Fri 22 - October 2021 - 11:06

During his visit to the construction project of the second lane of Parsabad-Ardabil road, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi was briefed by the project managers on the construction and completion process.
Expressing dissatisfaction with the 9-year delay in the completion of this project and the daily casualties of the Ardabil-Parsabad road, the President said, "The long delay in the construction of an important road is not acceptable and it must be completed in the shortest time possible with harder work and provision of the needed credits".
Referring to the benefits of completing the second lane of the Parsabad-Ardabil road, including increasing safety and reducing accidents, reducing fuel consumption, reducing travel time, developing freight and passenger transit, and developing the Moghan Plain industry and agriculture, Ayatollah Raisi said, "The most important advantage of this project is saving the lives of the people and the prevention of road accidents, and speeding up the completion of this project is in fact the protection of the lives of the people".
The construction of this road, which started in 2014, has had only 32% physical progress after 9 years.
During this visit, a number of workers and locals raised their problems and issues face-to-face with the President, and after the president's order to the governor-general and ministers, they showed their support for the government by chanting slogans.

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