Agriculture one of the important tools to maintain country's independence

During his trip to Fars province, Ayatollah Raisi visited the village of Kenareh, one of the largest and most populous villages in the country, and spoke in person with a number of the village's ranchers and farmers.

Thu 14 - October 2021 - 12:53

Speaking on Thursday in an unannounced visit to a ranching unit in the village, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi appreciated the efforts of all farmers and ranchers in the country, especially in the village of Marvdasht, and said, "Any of your productions is a firm step for the country's progress and a factor for making the enemies hopeless".
The President said that the result of your efforts is the production of authority for the country, adding, "Agriculture is one of the important tools to maintain the independence of the country and we must continue production at any cost, especially in the field of food and agricultural production".
Stating that the government is responsible to facilitate your activities, Mr Raisi said, "In this direction, we will pursue the implementation of a plan that can cut the hands of brokers and intermediaries from the market of livestock inputs in the coming months and solve some of the problems of ranchers and farmers".
The president said, "With the implementation of this plan, the subsidy that is spent on providing livestock inputs will reach the producers directly, so that by producing a more economical product, the final profit will reach the end consumers".
Dr Raisi further called on farmers and ranchers to be serious in production, saying, "If we are looking for independence and we do not want the people's table to be dependent on imports and dollars and euros, we must be in the field of production, including production and supply of livestock inputs".
The President continued by attending the martyrs' graveyard of Kenareh village, while paying tribute to the high position of the martyrs of this village, and said to the people and families of the martyrs and veterans, "Meeting with the people of Kenareh village, which is one of the largest and most populous villages in the country is an honour, but becoming aware of the problems of the people doubles our responsibility in trying to solve these problems".
Referring to the words of local officials about the two problems of water shortage and the completion of the hospital under construction in Kenareh village, Ayatollah Raisi said, "These two projects are among the approved travel plans to Fars province, which will be implemented immediately after the trip".

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