Environmental protection a key country priority/ Implementation of industrial, production projects should have an environmental annex

The President described the protection of the environment as one of the priorities of the country and stressed its importance, saying, "Influential people and institutions should not be allowed to endanger the health of the environment and the people."

Wed 13 - October 2021 - 13:09

Speaking on Wednesday in the cabinet meeting, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi emphasised the observance of environmental regulations in the implementation of industrial and production plans and projects, and the need to prepare an environmental annex, saying, "In observing the regulations related to environmental protection, we must not ignore them in any way; in addition to the fact that the implementation of large projects should not be prevented by unnecessary strictures”.
Reiterating the importance of administrative discipline and regular presence of employees in the workplace, Mr Raisi said, "Taking care of employees' behavioural health and applying organisational supervision is necessary to prevent administrative corruption, bribery and embezzlement, and no administrative or economic corruption is not tolerable”.
Dr Raisi also emphasised the timely implementation of the law in all executive bodies, especially in the public sector.

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