Bushehr’s growth, development not tantamount to its capacities/ Water sweeteners must be activated in Bushehr quickly/ It’s possible to solve problems with efforts of managers, support of people

The President said that Bushehr province should have had a higher position in the development of the country due to its unique capacities, adding, "We are all unanimous on changing the current situation, and this requires a report on knowing the current capacity of the province and working hard to solve problems with jihadist management”.

Sat 09 - October 2021 - 08:01

Speaking on Friday night in the meeting of the Administrative Council of Bushehr Province, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi stated that in addition to the programme, budget and facilities, a transformational manager plays a pivotal role in creating change.
"Managers have an important role to play in transforming and improving the status quo," he said.
Ayatollah Raisi described the move towards the desired situation to be preliminary and said, "The first step in creating change is to have the right knowledge and attitude, and besides, we need a change in the institution and group under the management, and reform in the processes".
The President added, "The process of transformation does not take place under normal administrative conditions and with the existing bureaucracy, and the administrative system of the country must be efficient".
Dr Raisi continued, "Although we have the highest level of threats and sanctions in the nuclear industry, most of the achievements in this field have been achieved due to the existence of transformational motivation and can certainly achieve significant progress and success in all areas with such motivation and spirit”.
In another part of his speech, referring to the needs of Bushehr province, Ayatollah Raisi said, "Water supply is necessary for the province and this is possible considering the existing capacities such as launching desalination plants and water supplied through Bushehr nuclear power plant”.
“It is necessary to carry out the necessary measures in this regard to solve the problems of the people of the province,” he said.
The President also stressed the need to try to solve the problems of the people of Khark Island, and said, "The Governor-General is responsible to look into the issue to solving the problems in 10 days”.
In this meeting, the Ministers of Economy, Energy, Roads and Urban Development, Petroleum, Agriculture and the Vice-President for Women and Family Affairs presented a report on the issues and problems of different cities of Bushehr province that they visited.

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