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President at the first meeting of the Supreme Council of Housing:

Gov't determined to activate all capacities for housing/ Emphasis on establishing a land bank, expert needs analysis in housing construction/ Gov't role in housing is support, guidance, supervision

In the first meeting of the Supreme Council of Housing, which was convened on Wednesday afternoon, chaired by Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi, policy-making, monitoring and coordination between executive bodies were reviewed and the need for cooperation of all institutions and activation of the country's capacity to build housing and address public concerns was emphasised.

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Wed 06 - October 2021 - 21:46

In this meeting, the President described housing as one of the main priorities of the people and said, "The government is determined to activate all the capacities of the country in the field of housing in order to address the concerns of the people, especially the young generation, and to facilitate their marriage".
Stating that the construction of housing must be done based on the needs of people in different regions of the country, Mr Raisi said, "It is necessary to build housing in urban and rural areas based on expert needs analysis".
Emphasising the need to establish a land bank in the country as one of the important pillars of housing construction, the President said, "Lands belonging to government agencies throughout the country should be registered in a system and it is necessary to eliminate the possible ambiguities about these lands in meetings with the Ministry of Economy and Finance".
Mr Raisi described the construction and production of housing as the drivers of the economy and said, "Housing construction can activate many industries in the country and although the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development is responsible for housing, all ministries and agencies should help and cooperate in this regard".
Referring to the need for easy access to construction materials and serious attention to housing industrialisation, the president added, "Mehr Housing Scheme was a good and acceptable action, but it had shortcomings and there should be no shortcomings like the previous ones in the new housing plan".
Ayatollah Raisi said, "Simultaneously with the construction of residential units, services in the field of water, electricity, gas and social services should be carefully calculated, so that no problem will arise later".
Emphasising that the government will play a supporting, guiding and supervising role in the field of housing, Dr Raisi said, "The government has a duty to provide the necessary facilities and supervision in the field of housing production, and if it fulfils its duty properly, the housing construction process in the country will prosper".
The president also called on members of the Supreme Council of Housing to carefully consider the various dimensions of the new housing plan over the next 10 days.
Ayatollah Raisi said, "The government also provides the people with appropriate models of urban planning in repairing worn-out structures, and we must increase investment in the field of housing by providing the necessary incentives".
Emphasising the importance of the role of cooperatives in the field of housing, the President said, "The role of cooperatives in the economic sector has diminished, which should be highlighted and can be very effective in increasing housing production".
Mr Raisi emphasised, "The need for housing in the country is more than one million units per year, while there is a backlog in this area for several years and I wonder why some people are sceptical in this matter".
Dr Raisi said, "It is possible to build one million houses a year according to the country's capacities, and if the country's resources and facilities are combined, this can be done".


news id: 131773

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