Imam Reza (AS) is our model in knowing enemies, fighting them/ All gov't work should be manifestations of relying on Razavi culture, helping the needy/ Gov't should consider market regulation as its first and foremost priority

The President expressed his condolences on the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Reza (AS) and said, "In the history of Islam, after the migration of the Prophet from Mecca to Medina, which founded the Islamic civilisation with the Prophetic tradition, no migration is more important than the migration of Imam Reza (AS) from Medina to Tous, which shaped the Razavi lifestyle and movement".

Wed 06 - October 2021 - 14:09

Speaking on Wednesday at the cabinet meeting, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi stated that the emigration of the great Imams from Ahmad Bin Musa (AS) and Her Holiness Masoumeh (AS) to other Imams to different parts of our country was part of the Eighth Imam's trip to Iran, saying, "The entire emigration and presence of Imam Reza (AS) marked a civilisation for the region, the effects of which are still alive".
Stating that real attention to the people and especially the needy is an important point in the lifestyle of Imam Reza (AS), he said, "I want to take advantage of this point and emphasise to the members of the government and all those who serve in the name of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to establish that merciful Imam in this regard".
Ayatollah Raisi emphasised that today the manifestations of Razavi culture should be highlighted in this land in any way possible and more than before, saying, "Paying attention to the villagers and nomads is one of the ways to express the popular manifestations of Imam Reza (AS)".
The president said, "If a villager feels that his presence in the village is not a source of production and work, he will migrate from the village to the outskirts of the cities, so we must try to prosper the village economy and keep the villagers in the village".
Mr Raisi further stated that after the initial success in widespread vaccination, these days the first priority is to regulate the market of basic goods, adding, "The people, unions and guilds themselves are the first sectors that should be active in monitoring the market of basic goods so that no abuse happens in this regard".
Ayatollah Raisi said, "At the beginning of the government, we announced that the first priority is the fight against coronavirus and widespread vaccination, and the Minister of Health announced last week that with the efforts of the medical staff, we have been able to reach 70% in vaccinating people, which is commendable".
The President said, "The market regulation headquarters will meet continuously until the market stabilises, because that is the philosophy of our presence that people should feel market stability".
Mr Raisi said, "All government departments, from the Ministries of Agricultural Jihad, Industry, Mines and Trade, Cooperation, Labour and Social Welfare to other ministries and departments, especially the media, and especially the national media, should help the government regulate and stabilise the market".
Emphasising that all sectors of government should make market regulation their first priority, Ayatollah Raisi said, "We should all try to succeed in stabilising the market, just as we have achieved relative success in vaccination".

In another part of his speech, emphasising that the neighbourhood policy has always been considered important for the Islamic Republic of Iran, the President said, "The neighbourhood policy depends on the spirit of goodwill, good neighbourliness and constructive cooperation, and this policy should be bilateral".

Ayatollah Raisi described constructive cooperation as the main factor of economic growth and prosperity of all nations in the region and added, "The Caucasus region has the potential to be a good example of this close cooperation".

Emphasising the importance of regional security, the President said, "Regional security must be ensured through multilateral endogenous regional mechanisms, and the intervention of evil and ambitious elements is to the detriment of the interests of nations".

Ayatollah Raisi stressed that experience has shown that outsourcing approaches to security ultimately fail, stressing, "If countries undermine the national identity and morale of their armies by relying on foreign troops, they will have no one to help them in times of crisis".

Ayatollah Raisi also stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran is vigilant and active in its national interests, saying, "The presence of the Zionist Regime and terrorist organisations such as ISIS in our surroundings is against the stability of countries and regional security and will not be tolerated by the Islamic Republic of Iran".

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