Acceleration in vaccination of students necessary/ Vaccination under 12 years of age should be done after scientific certainty

The President said that preparations have been made for the start of face-to-face education in schools, adding, "In addition to measures taken to vaccinate teachers, school staff, parents and school service drivers, it is necessary to vaccinate students over the age of twelve”.

Sat 02 - October 2021 - 13:20

Speaking on Saturday at the meeting of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi described the coordination of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education necessary in vaccinating students over 12 years old and said, "To speed up this work, the Ministry of Education should help schools provide proper conditions for vaccinating students”.
The President said, "Considering that there are different scientific opinions for vaccination for twelve years or less, no action should be taken in this regard until we reach scientific certainty".
Ayatollah Raisi further called normalisation and lack of attention to health protocols in the fight against coronavirus very dangerous and said, "It is incorrect for some people to think that they are safe from the dangers of coronavirus by injecting a vaccine, and according to scientific opinions, health protocols must be taken seriously by the general public and various groups and centres”.
Mr Raisi described any entry and exit from the country to require the injection of COVID-19 vaccine and said, "Sensitivity to this measure is in fact protection of the health of dear travellers and pilgrims and is not related to a specific period".
The President said that the Ministry of Health is responsible for informing about vaccination, injection time and health issues, adding, "Other centres and organs should coordinate their news and information with the Ministry of Health”.
Ayatollah Raisi called on the directors of the Ministry of Health and experts in the field of health to immediately respond to the ambiguities and questions raised in the public space about coronavirus and provide a scientific answer so that people do not worry about anything in this regard.
Stating that smart restrictions are gradually replacing the lockdowns to deal with coronavirus, Dr Raisi said, "In the current situation, scientific and research centres must compensate for the backwardness caused by the outbreak of coronavirus in economic, cultural, social and educational issues”.


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