217 plans for the development of the province have been approved/ The current housing situation is not acceptable and we will hold a meeting of the Supreme Housing Council soon

Speaking at the end of his trip to Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad on Friday evening, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi expressed his dissatisfaction that it was not possible to attend large public gatherings due to the corona conditions, saying, "Before the visit, I had tasked some friends with examining the situation in the province”.

Sat 02 - October 2021 - 08:25

The president said that the province has many facilities and capacities, adding, "The completion of semi-finished projects, including dams under construction in the province, is one of the government's priorities for the province”.
“217 projects in the field of oil and gas and petrochemical industry, roads and urban planning, agriculture, industry and medicinal herbs have been approved for Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad to accelerate both the development of the province and job creation,” he said.
Referring to the reports of a number of ministers on visits to different parts of the province, Mr Raisi said, "In these reports, final plans were announced for the province so that all managers of the province have a common sense that this is their job and should be done eventually”.
The President also referred to his visit to the earthquake-stricken area of Sisakht and the report presented at the meeting on the condition of the conex box schools and said, "The situation of rural houses in danger of destruction must also be improved”.
Ayatollah Raisi referred to other plans and programmes of the government, including providing marriage loans for the young and reviewing the housing situation in the Supreme Housing Council, which will convene soon, and said, "We will definitely try to change the housing situation in the country because the current situation is not acceptable”.
We will activate the housing sector as one of the driving forces, he said, adding, "Activating the housing sector will activate many industries".
Stating that the approved plans and the injection of their funds will create good mobility in the province, Dr Raisi said, "We have created a department in the executive deputy of the presidential office whose job will be only to follow the implementation of provincial travel approvals and keeping people updated on the implementation of the plans”.
The president called on provincial managers and other executives to make more use of the country's young population capacity.

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