About 40% of country’s production capacity idle; must be revived with jihadist work/ Reviving small enterprises prerequisite to reviving large ones/ Emphasis on backing entrepreneurs, investors in provinces

After the cabinet vote of confidence in the elected governor generals of Lorestan, Fars and Zanjan, the President emphasised the effort to solve the problems in the lives of the people of these provinces and mark a new chapter in providing services, adding, "Serving the people is a divine opportunity that should be appreciated”.

Wed 29 - September 2021 - 13:28

Ayatollah Raisi said, "In carrying out affairs and responsibilities, it is important that the effects of the system's policies and government programmes be realised by the governor generals in the provinces”.
The President added, "Naturally, there are obstacles in human resources, budget and credits in the provinces, which must be removed with wisdom and trust in God".
Referring to the need to revive all the economic and productive capacities of the provinces, Dr Raisi said, "According to statistics, about 40% of the production capacities in the country are left idle, which can be launched and activated by jihadist and revolutionary action".
Referring to the visits to several factories and inactive agro-industrial complexes in Zanjan and Lorestan provinces, and the preliminary measures taken to set up these complexes, the President said, "With good management and some quick measures, a huge agro-industrial complex can be activated in a way that creates employment and production and increases productivity”.
"Launching and reviving small enterprises is also very important because it can help revive large ones,” said Dr Raisi.
"The art of the government is to use the enormous capacity of the people to help in many matters," the president said. Today, people feel a good sense of responsibility and participation and are ready to participate in solving problems.
Emphasising the importance of paying attention to the cultural capacities in the provinces, Ayatollah Raisi called on the governor generals to pay special attention to the capacities of scholars and seminarians, academics, intellectuals and revolutionary and jihadist young people in the provinces.
Emphasising on paying special and serious attention to the villages, the President said, "If the villages become prosperous, you can be sure that migration to the cities will decrease, and if the agricultural problems are reduced and dear farmers in Zanjan, Lorestan and Fars can go back to their village”.
Dr Raisi said, "If there are bank resources to provide loans in the province, the entrepreneur and investor should be given priority and supported".
The President said that one of the tasks of the government in privatisation is to empower the private sector and said, "Government managers should not leave economic units after privatisation, but should be by their side and work with support and supervision, the private sector can manage the work successfully”.


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