CBI obliged to return foreign exchange resources from abroad/ Next year's budget should take into account expert views of regulatory bodies

Emphasising the need to stabilise the market and take measures to prevent currency fluctuations, the President instructed the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) to return foreign currencies abroad by activating banking and economic mechanisms.

Sun 26 - September 2021 - 14:58

Dr Raisi also instructed the Plan and Budget Organisation and the Ministry of Economy to take into account the expert views of regulatory bodies, including the Supreme Audit Court, in reviewing the budget performance of previous years and compiling next year's budget, and to address the problems and damages raised in the budget appropriation report.
Ayatollah Raisi instructed the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade to activate the comprehensive trade system as soon as possible.
In this meeting, the issue of trade development and removal of export barriers and import management with an export-oriented approach was reviewed and the necessary amendments were made in this regard, and it was decided to forward the amended decision to the relevant agencies.

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