1400-1401 school year begins officially

The 1400-1401 school year officially began on Saturday morning, in compliance with health protocols, with the ringing of the bell of Saleh Abad’s Foladfar School by the son of martyr Hadi Narimani in the presence of Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi.

Sat 25 - September 2021 - 08:56

President is going to pose the 22nd Mehr Question, which is traditionally asked in the beginning of Mehr month (usually September 24) in a few minutes at the gathering of students and school officials.
According to the Ministry of Education announcement and the National Task Force Against Coronavirus, education in the country's schools is currently held virtually in order to gradually provide the conditions for face-to-face education in schools and educational centres with better disease conditions in the country and the completion of the general vaccination process.
According to the set priorities, from today and with the official start of the new school year, students of sparsely populated rural and nomadic schools in the country and elementary school students will start face-to-face education.


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