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In an unannounced visit to a deprived neighbourhood on outskirts of Ilam;

Ayatollah Raisi: Resolving problems of deprived areas, suburbs necessity/ Gov't by your side, at your service

On Friday evening, the President made an unannounced visit to the deprived neighbourhood of Haniwan on the outskirts of Ilam and met in person with the people of the neighbourhood.

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Fri 24 - September 2021 - 23:06

In a direct and face-to-face conversation with the residents of this neighbourhood, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi stressed the need to end the deprivation of low-income areas.
After learning about the president's presence in the area, the people of Haniwan neighbourhood of Ilam gathered with great enthusiasm, and while expressing their happiness, they shared their problems with the president himself.
In a short speech to the people of this neighbourhood, the President described solving the problems of deprived areas and the outskirts of Ilam a necessity and said, "Deprivations in some suburban areas, including Haniwan neighbourhood of Ilam are not acceptable and the governor and governor general should quickly address the shortcomings".
Addressing the people of Haniwan, the President said, "The government is by your side and at your service, and I believe that the people themselves must take the lead in solving some problems".
Ayatollah Raisi said, "In the meeting of the administrative council of the province, I will announce to the provincial officials that immediate and special measures should be taken for all areas of Ilam, especially the deprived neighbourhoods, to eliminate deficiencies and problems as soon as possible".


news id: 131550

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