Emphasis on gov't serious efforts for development of Ilam province/ Border not threat but very good economic opportunity/ Boosting exports to neighbouring countries, developing regional trade essential

The President described the provision of infrastructure for the development of Ilam province, especially the provision and completion of the Arba'een pilgrimage infrastructure, as one of the serious concerns of the government in the province.

Fri 24 - September 2021 - 20:36

Speaking in a meeting with elites, scholars, martyrs' families, veterans and a group of people in Ilam province, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi said that Ilam has done its job defending the country, saying, "They defended the values and honour of the country and the Iranian nation has always appreciated the courage of the people of this region".
The President said, "What can and should be learned from the names of the martyrs and the Holy Defence Week is that solving the country's problems is possible with the spirit of jihad and Basij, and in a word, with the spirit of 'we can'".
Ayatollah Raisi added, "I believe that like the culture and motivation that set up the strongholds against the enemy, today every office and organisation must be a stronghold to serve the people and stand against the enemies".
Dr Raisi said, "Border is not a threat but a very good economic opportunity for the people of the two neighbouring countries with common cultural and religious roots to communicate".
The President described it necessary to complete the infrastructure of Ilam province and said, "The province's railway corridor should be completed along with the freeways with Iraq, and this can provide the ground for the expansion of exports to Iraq, as well as the welfare and comfort of pilgrims".
The President stressed the need to expand exports to Iraq and neighbouring countries and said, "Iran's share in regional trade is very low, about two percent, and the current $20 billion in trade in our region can be achieved through jihadist action by producers, exporters and the government can easily reach 40, 50 billion dollars with the completion of the infrastructure".
Ayatollah Raisi described the completion of Arba'een pilgrimage infrastructure in Ilam province necessary and said, "Ilam province and Mehran region are a kind of door to Imam Hussein's (AS) pilgrimage".
The President said, "Equipping Arba'een infrastructure in Ilam province can lead to the development of tourism economy, eliminating unemployment and creating employment for the young people of the province".


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