Praising Holy Defence veterans manifestation of enlightenment towards martyrs’ memory, message, goal/ Today’s awakening in region fruit of martyrs’ blood, which will continue

The President described praising Holy Defence veterans as the manifestation of enlightenment towards martyrs’ memory, message, and goal, saying, "The goal of this praise is that nobody falls into the well of ignorance”.

Tue 21 - September 2021 - 11:22

Speaking on Tuesday at the ceremony for praising Holy Defence veterans, which was held a few days before the Holy Defence Week, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi said, "The key to the immortality of the name of martyrs and veterans of the Holy Defence and Shrine Defenders and those who defend the principles of the Islamic Revolution is the fact that these dear ones went to the Heavens themselves”.

Ayatollah Raisi continued stating that many wars and battles have taken place throughout history and in different parts of the world, but we need to see which of them was holy, adding, "The system of the Islamic Republic has become holy because it is based on religion, teachings of religion, the Book and Traditions”.

Dr Raisi pointed out, "In addition, the deeds of all individuals and sections must be holy in this system, and therefore everyone in his position must serve sincerely so that his deeds are also holy”.

The President said, "The permanence of our martyrs was due to the fact that they sacrificed everything for God, and that is why our late Imam Khomeini (RA), with that great personality, when came across them, said, 'I feel inferior and I envy your position'”.

Ayatollah Raisi said, "Everything that becomes holy becomes immortal, and therefore the way, message and method of the martyrs have forever immortalised in history”.

Dr Raisi added, "It has to become clear to the society that this country is managed by a jurist who does not tell the people to go towards a destination, but he has reached the destination himself and calls others to the destination”.

Ayatollah Raisi stated, "Today we are facing modern ignorance which is equipped with a lot of science, technology, weapons and financial power and can impose the ugliest deeds as a value on society and in fact imposes its resources on the world. By praising martyrs, we can remove the mask from the face of this modern ignorance”.

The President said, "I congratulate all the families of the martyrs, because the day of martyrdom of their children and loved ones is the birthday of their character, characters who shine in the heavens forever and remove ignorance from the world".

Ayatollah Raisi called the wave of awakening in the region due to the blood of the martyrs and said, "I hope that the soul of martyrs pray for us so that we can successfully work to solve the country's problems”.


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