Ayatollah Raisi arrives in Tehran

After a three-day visit to the Tajikistan to attend the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, as well as an official bilateral meeting with the President of Tajikistan and a visit to the city of Kulob, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi arrived in Tehran on Saturday evening.

Sat 18 - September 2021 - 20:18

During the visit, the President met with the Presidents of Uzbekistan, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, and the Prime Ministers of Pakistan, Armenia and Tajikistan.
Dr Raisi also addressed Iranians living in Tajikistan.
Attending a gathering of students and professors of the Tajik National University was another programme of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Tajikistan. He was also awarded an honorary doctorate.
Ayatollah Raisi also spoke at the Summit of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation on Afghanistan, which was held on the sidelines of the SCO Summit, to explain the views of the Islamic Republic of Iran on Afghanistan.
At the 21st Shanghai Summit hosted by Tajikistan, the request to convert Iran’s status from an observer member to a full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation was accepted by all main members, and Iran became the ninth main member of this important regional organisation.

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