A new chapter in Iran-Tajikistan relations is opening/ Emphasis on using all capacities in both countries to develop political, trade, economic ties/ The signed cooperation documents a proof of the two countries' serious will to develop cooperation

The President emphasised the development and deepening of relations with the friendly and Persian-speaking country of Tajikistan and said, "A new chapter in the relations between the two countries is taking place and I hope this visit will be a turning point in Tehran-Dushanbe relations and cooperation."

Sat 18 - September 2021 - 11:09

Speaking on Saturday in a joint press conference with his Tajik counterpart after a bilateral meeting with Emomali Rahmon, joint talks of high-ranking delegations of the two countries and the signing of documents on bilateral cooperation, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi stressed that the two countries have great potential for cooperation, emphasising the use of all capacities to develop relations in various political, economic, commercial and cultural fields.
Ayatollah Raisi described the cooperation documents signed between Iran and Tajikistan as a proof of the two countries' will to develop relations, and stated, "More important than the written agreements is the will and decision of the two countries to develop relations in various fields" .

Referring to the history of relations between Iran and Tajikistan after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the President said, "Cooperation agreements concluded between the two countries so far show a serious will to develop and deepen cooperation”.

Emphasising the need for proper planning to use all the capacities of the two countries in order to develop and deepen relations, Ayatollah Raisi said, "The trade and economic capacity that exists today between Iran and Tajikistan is not acceptable and this capacity must be developed to reach the acceptable level.

The President said that there are good grounds for developing and increasing economic and trade relations with Tajikistan in the ports of Chabahar and Bandar Abbas in Iran, adding, "The two countries also have good grounds for cooperation in the field of cultural and arts.

Ayatollah Raisi also mentioned the agricultural sector as an important sector that should be considered in the cooperation between the two countries and added, "In this regard, an agreement was signed between the two countries, the implementation of which could lead to the development of relations between the two countries".

Referring to the regional cooperation between Iran and Tajikistan, the President said that the two countries' views on Afghanistan are close, adding, "Both countries believe that the interference of outsiders in Afghanistan has caused a lot of problems for the country and that the outsiders must be driven out”.

Emphasising that outsiders could not create security for Afghanistan in any way and did not provide security, he said, "Outsiders could not solve a problem for the people of Afghanistan and we do not accept the continued presence and role of outsiders".

"The issue of Afghanistan must be resolved by the people of this country and with the cooperation of neighbouring countries and countries in the region that feel responsible towards Afghanistan, and our cooperation with Tajikistan and Afghanistan's neighbours can pave the way for Afghans to determine their own destiny," he said.

Ayatollah Raisi stressed, "We believe that the problem of Afghanistan should be solved by the Afghans themselves. A dialogue between Afghans should be formed, of course, by facilitating and preparing the space for the Afghans to make their own decisions”.

The President said that the government that wants to be established in Afghanistan must be an inclusive government, adding, "A government that belongs to only one ethnic group and political group cannot solve the problems of Afghanistan and the government of this country must be inclusive so that all ethnic and political groups feel they have a role in this government, which should be able to represent the entire nation of Afghanistan”.

Ayatollah Raisi continued by emphasising that the presence of terrorists in Afghanistan is dangerous not only for Afghanistan but also for the region, saying, "The Americans formed of ISIL and the atrocities they committed in Syria and Iraq, and now the ISIL is aiming to form a base in Afghanistan".

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran stated that any terrorist current in Afghanistan should be eliminated, adding, "We oppose the presence of any current that is the basis for the growth of terrorist movements in Afghanistan and it must be dealt with decisively".

“By no means do we accept that the terrorist and ISIL currents build a house next to our border and cause problems for our country, the region and Afghanistan,” he said.

Pointing out that we accept Afghanistan with security, peace, friendship and progress, Ayatollah Raisi said, "The presence of the Islamic Republic in the region has provided security, but the presence of outsiders in the region has been destructive and deterrent to security."

We have always tried to help the people of Afghanistan decide for themselves, he said, adding, "The solution to the Afghanistan problem is not found in a single group, but it is in forming an inclusive government that can include all ethnic groups”.

Ayatollah Raisi added, "Other countries should help and we in the Islamic Republic will definitely pursue this policy so that the people of Afghanistan can decide to form a government that will guarantee the administration of Afghanistan in the future".

At the end of his speech, the President said, "Today, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khamenei, is concerned for all the people of the region and the Muslim people around the world that the Muslim people everywhere can live in peace, growth, progress and excellence”.

Ayatollah Raisi added, "In his speeches, views and announcing his position as the leader of the Islamic Republic, he has always emphasised that Muslim nations should have growth, progress and excellence, and in line with this policy, we believe in the friendly and brotherly country of Tajikistan should take the path of development and progress as much as possible”.

The President stressed, "The smallest insecurity in Tajikistan and the region is the insecurity of our own country, and progress and excellence in Tajikistan and the Muslim countries of the region is our own progress, and we consider the progress of all countries in the region as our own progress".

Appreciating the warm hospitality of the government and people of Tajikistan, Ayatollah Raisi expressed hope that good relations between the two countries could be a step in the interests of both countries and nations.

Speaking at the same joint press conference, the President of Tajikistan also mentioned Iran as a friendly country and emphasised on the development and deepening of relations, referring to the many cultural and religious commonalities between the two nations of Iran and Tajikistan.

Emomali Rahmon added, "The cooperation documents signed during this visit will further develop the relations between the two countries, and I hope that the meetings and talks between the officials of the two countries and the increase of cooperation will continue in the future".

We consider it necessary to develop cooperation with Iran in all fields, including political, economic, trade, scientific and cultural, said the President of Tajikistan, adding, "The visit of Ayatollah Raisi to Dushanbe will open a new chapter in the relations between the two countries”.

Referring to the recent developments in Afghanistan, Emomali Rahmon said, "We favour peace and full stability in Afghanistan and we believe that peace in Afghanistan guarantees regional security, and the establishment of an inclusive government in Afghanistan is a key factor in establishing lasting peace and stability in the country”.

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