Investment security depends on security of "capital", "investor", both of which we guaranteed in 13th gov't/ Iranians abroad assets that should serve country's development

At the end of the first day of his visit to Tajikistan on Thursday evening, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi attended a gathering of Iranians living in Tajikistan held at the Iranian embassy.

Fri 17 - September 2021 - 09:40

He ​​said that Iranians everywhere are ambassadors of Iran and a symbol of the country's greatness, adding, "Although the enemies attempted to create obstacles in the way of the progress of the Iranian nation, the Iranian nation has shown with determination and will that it removes all obstacles from the path of its growth and excellence".

The President described Iranians abroad as a precious opportunity and capacity for the progress of Islamic Iran and added, "Dear Iranians abroad have always tried to serve their homeland in the economic, scientific, technical and engineering fields".

Dr Raisi emphasised that in practice, the capacity of Iranians abroad should be considered and it should be used in the service of the development of the country's relations, and said, "This capacity can play a role in various fields and become a lasting asset for the country. The related agencies must prepare the necessary ground for this in the country".

Pointing out that neighbouring countries, especially countries that have a common civilisation with Iran, prefer to deepen their relations with Iran in all areas, the President stated, "It is true that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and embassies are responsible for the official establishment and development of the country's foreign relations, but Iranians abroad, including in Tajikistan, play an important role in deepening Iran's relations with other countries".

Ayatollah Raisi mentioned the activation and prosperity of exports of goods and services from Iran to neighbouring countries and the region as one of the main and priority programmes of the 13th government and noted, "Exports of goods and services from Iran to other countries, especially neighbours can be an important factor in raising the level of our country's foreign relations".

Emphasising that all related agencies should make every effort to facilitate the export of Iranian goods and services, the President said, "Apart from trying to facilitate the export of goods, we should be careful about the quality goods exported from Iran".

Dr Raisi added that no country is developed unless its foreign policy and foreign ministry serve the export of its products and services, adding, "One of the most important requirements for the country's progress is that the foreign ministry prioritises economic diplomacy".

The President stated, "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs should be active in identifying the target markets of Iranian goods and services and facilitate the way to reach it".

"The border provinces of the country have a double mission in this regard because Iranian goods and services have a lot of fans, especially in neighbouring countries," he said.

Referring to the capacity of the Deputy Foreign Minister for Economic Affairs to use economic diplomacy, he stated, "The 13th government plans to activate economic diplomacy, and from now on economic bodies will become more active and active".

The President continued his speech by stating that today there is a platform for Iranians abroad to invest in various sectors and the security of capital and investors is fully guaranteed, noting that the security of "investment" depends on the security of "capital" and the security of the "investor" is both guaranteed in the thirteenth government".


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