There is valuable potential for cementing Tehran-Islamabad ties/ Improving border security boosts economic exchanges, development of border areas

The President said that there are intact and valuable capacities in Iran and Pakistan to develop relations, adding, "The Islamic Republic of Iran is determined to promote regional relations and cooperation, especially with neighbouring countries, and Pakistan has a special place in this regard".

Thu 16 - September 2021 - 19:36

During his visit to Tajikistan on Thursday afternoon, President Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi met with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, and described the two countries' relations as beyond two neighbouring countries in terms of historical and cultural commonalities and said, "We should not allow outsiders' sabotage to affect these good relations".

Referring to the long border between the two countries and the capacity to develop economic interactions in border areas, Dr Raisi said, "Establishing security in the border areas can activate the significant capacities of these areas for economic and trade interactions and exchanges and help the prosperity of these areas".

The President accepted the Pakistani Prime Minister's request to hold a joint meeting on the developments in Afghanistan, adding, "We should try to help Afghanistan form a government that includes all groups based on the will of the people of the country. The key to solving Afghanistan's problems is to form an inclusive government and prevent foreign interference in the country's affairs".

Ayatollah Raisi stated, "The 20-year history of the presence of American and Western forces in Afghanistan had no result other than the destruction, displacement and killing of more than 35,000 children and thousands of Afghan men and women. The withdrawal of American forces is a historic opportunity for the formation of a popular government in Afghanistan and to establish peace in the country and region".

In this meeting, which took place at the residence of the President of Iran, the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan appreciated the constructive positions and brotherly attitude of the Islamic Republic of Iran towards Pakistan and said, "We are looking after the all-inclusive development of relations with Iran, especially in the field of transportation, and we believe that improving the level of cooperation between the two countries will have positive regional and global effects".

The Prime Minister of Pakistan continued by stating that a safe and secure Afghanistan will benefit all countries in the region and the world, and said, "If a comprehensive government is not formed in Afghanistan, the problems of the country will intensify and Pakistan and Iran will suffer more than any other country".

Imran Khan stated, "Iran and Pakistan should work closely and interact with each other for Afghanistan to successfully pass the stage of state-building and formation of an inclusive government".


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