President announces principles governing national plan for preventing and combating administrative and economic corruption

Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, announced the 12 principles of prevention and combating administrative and economic corruption in the 13th government to the members of the government in a meeting of the Council of Ministers on Wednesday.

Wed 15 - September 2021 - 19:17

In today's meeting of the cabinet, Ayatollah Raisi stated that one of the priorities of the 13th government is to identify corruption, reform and fight against corruption, and said, "The goal of the 13th government from the beginning was to identify corruption sources and managers of different organs take action to eliminate these sources so that the grounds for corruption in the administrative system are completely eliminated".

The President added, "Prevention of corruption is specifically the duty of the government, and the judiciary is responsible for handling cases filed in this regard. Government officials have a duty to prevent corruption in order to reduce the reference of corruption cases into the judiciary".

Stating that from the beginning of entering the election campaign, I have emphasised my determination to prevent and combat corruption, Ayatollah Raisi said, "Before the official inauguration of the government, I held a meeting with the representatives of the supervisory bodies of the three branches and other related departments to identify corrupt sources in various institutions, and these bodies were tasked to submit their reports from the corrupt sources to the government".

Dr Raisi continued, "In the meetings of the mentioned work group, instructions on the specific tasks of various agencies in the field of prevention and fight against corruption were prepared in the form of 'National Plan for Prevention and Fight against Administrative and Economic Corruption', the principles of which were announced today".


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