Culture minister should pursue professional, personal problems of country's artist community/ Cinema members should be pioneers in explaining Islamic Revolution discourse, creating hope in society

Speaking on Sunday at the cabinet meeting, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi emphasised that the government welcomes fair and constructive criticism, adding, "We consider fair criticism to cause growth in the country and executive managers must be tolerant in the face of criticism, because correct criticism can be helpful in correcting shortcomings and flaws".

Sun 12 - September 2021 - 20:44

Congratulating the National Cinema Day, the President also considered it necessary to pay special attention to artists and said, "We should pay special attention to the professional and even personal and livelihood problems of artists. It is necessary for the honourable Minister of Islamic Culture and Guidance to follow up on the professional and personal problems of the country's artist community".

Stating that cinema is a tool that should serve the revolution and explain the rich Islamic and Iranian culture, Ayatollah Raisi called on the members of the cinema community to be pioneers in explaining the discourse of the Islamic Revolution and creating hope in the society.

He added, "The impact of the concepts conveyed by the tools of film and art is much greater than thousands of hours of lectures".

Dr Raisi further described the naval mission of the 75th Fleet of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran as a very valuable and commendable action and said, "This proud naval mission proved that through relying on domestic capabilities we can create power and also display the bravery in facing challenges to everyone, and this outstanding presence was a message of hope for the people of Iran and the oppressed around the world and a thorn in the side of the enemies".

Ayatollah Raisi called the efforts of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade in reducing the price of cement very desirable and hopeful and said, "All officials should try not to increase the price of goods, especially people's livelihood, and while trying to stabilise the market we should try to reduce prices".


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